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Why Become Multi Orgasmic

Video Transcript:

Hello there and thanks for joining me today. You could be watching this either right now live on Facebook or you could be watching it on the catch up on YouTube or you could also be watching it on the website in all the different routes that we have and. But today in today’s Facebook live I wanted to talk to you about becoming multi-orgasmic.

Okay now is a really good topic to brighten up your Monday to talk about the idea of becoming multi-orgasmic so yeah this is what I’m going to be talking about in Facebook live and the reason for doing this is because I’m going to be doing some workshops which I’d really love you to come along to so we don’t need to look at my piece of paper here I’m gonna be in Palm Springs in on April the 28th and 29th and I’m planning to be Asheville on May the 12th and 13th and London I’m going to be with you on June the 30th and July the 1st and Oakland Bay Area I’m going to be really late to this year October the 28th and 29th.

So there’s some everything I’m talking about today if you want to come and try this come along to one of my weekend workshops and I’m going to be really happy to invite you to come and experience some of the things that I’m talking about today.

Now if you watch all the way this through I have got a free gift for you ok I’ve got a really beautiful free gift that you’re gonna enjoy and it’s going to be an incentive. By the end of there our time together you’re gonna be aching to come along to one of my weekend workshops because I can quite literally revolutionize your life just by the idea of learning about becoming a multi-orgasmic.

So we are in a good zone so let me start this off just by talking about orgasm and did you know that statistically ok men ejaculate within of sexual activity that’s that men typically ejaculate within 15 minutes of sexual activity.

And you know if you’re kind of experiencing more conventional sex you know you kind of meet somebody could be a long-term partner could be somebody you’ve known for 10 minutes off Grindr it doesn’t matter but if you kind of look there’s kind of the arousal. And I don’t know about you but sometimes I felt when I’m having more traditional sex that it kind of just follows a bit of a script or what I call like a little bit of a poem script and that’s not a bad thing it just kind of follows that pattern and it’s kind of a little bit predictable.

And a normal idea of a porno film script is you know kind of look at someone maybe start with a bit of kissing then maybe you’ve got your hand down the trousers maybe one of you gets a blowjob maybe both of you get a blowjob then it’s time for one of you to fuck the other one and then that’s it job done.

And I don’t know about you but and this was purely for research purposes I have to tell you purely research but if I had ever been on a Grindr date my joke is that I’ve sometimes that longer in the car driving to get to the place than actually I was in the session and in the throes of passion a home with the person at the time.

And it’s funny but I also think there’s kind of an uncomfortable truth about you know how we experience orgasm and how we kind of you know I I don’t know about you or sometimes is kind of like longing for the sex that I’ve always wanted and yet feeling dissatisfied with the experiences I’ve had. So the bits I’m gonna tell you about today are gonna blow your mind a bit and again come along to one of my weekend workshops I’m going to be putting this into practice.

So let me just talk a little bit about multiple orgasms. Now for me there’s kind of two things that actually have them. The first one is when you think about multiple orgasms there’s kind of what I call the physiological or the physical aspect of orgasm and one set of techniques that you can learn is around being able to train your body physically to kind of control or contract certain muscle so that you have the choice not to ejaculate when there comes.

But actually in training certain muscle I’ll explain what this muscle is and them in it in training certain muscles okay you can start to create a space between each accusation and orgasm and you can kind of start to separate those. And learning to separate those I have to tell you is a really good thing.

The second thing for many of them about multiple orgasms is what I call energy. So when people talk to me about the idea of a multiple orgasm they just think it’s like coming and coming and coming and coming and if you can do that and you’re very very lucky brilliant crack on I can’t help you I can’t help you time for you to finish this Facebook live now.

But if you’re still online and I can see there’s a number of you still here carry on watching as I kind of talk a little bit more.

So I think for me there’s kind of two aspects to getting for me multiple orgasm it’s more of a state for me rather than the experience of multiple orgasms although they kind of interact and contradict each other a little bit but sort of like a multiple orgasm there’s physical exercises and says that you can learn it’s a bit like going to the gym kind of the GSR sex gym where you’re learning about how to work different muscles and how to practice with different muscles.

So I’ve got my first free gift for you. I’m gonna give you this one for free. What I want you to do over the next week okay is you know that muscle that you squeeze when you’re having a pee okay just try squeezing that now no one’s no one’s gonna know apart from you and me that you’re doing them okay and just give it a little squeeze and a let go and a squeeze ever let go and the squeeze and let go just kind of do that.

Okay now the idea is what you’re doing as a man is you’re actually starting to strengthen your pelvic muscles. Your pelvic floor is actually your prostates muscle okay and so what I want you to do is just squeeze and let squeeze and let go okay. And if you do this sort of like hundred times okay several times during the day okay and then after a week and I want you to kind of message me add a comment on after this after a week of doing this exercise of a hundred because a PC pump sorry to do that kind of a hundred times a day you could be sat in the car you could be on the bus you could be in a really boring boring business meeting and here you are pumping your PC muscle no one’s got an F or anything about it.

And what you’ll find is that when you go into your sexual energy whether that’s on your own whether that’s on your own with a really good movie or whether that’s with a friend or friends who cares but that my point is is that with all that kind of band muscle and kind of exercises it starts to strengthen that and that’s one of the things that you can kind of take into what I call a multi-orgasmic stage okay so try that out over the next week see how you get on send me some messages because I’d love to hear. I’ve given this exercise to people before and what they’ve told me is they’ve just had really profound results they’ve been like wow that was really really good.

Now second part of becoming multi-orgasmic that I hadn’t talked about the first it was about physical stuff so that exercise that I’ve just talked about isn’t way to start training your body into that state but the other part that I want to invite you to consider is what I call collective out the energetic aspect of orgasm and you might be like Jason what do you mean by like energetic aspect of orgasm.

So for those of you that are watching I’ve ever done any work with me I talked about your sexual energy I talked about your heart energy and I talked about your spiritual energy and here I’m predominantly talking about your sexual energy and what I’m talking about is is the relationship that you have with that.

You see I don’t know about you but sometimes I have many sharing is between you me and Facebook life or so it’s um it’s between us no one or no so for me there’s something about being in your sexual energy and not having meant not having really network being part of the experience of the sec and you may then come or ejaculate and its life okay that didn’t kind of even touch the surface.

Now for me one of the things about becoming multi-orgasmic is about how you meet and bring yourself to the sensations that you’re feeling in your body and how you allow yourself to really take part in that to really kind of meet that and this. There’s three ways that I talk about doing that and that’s breath and that sound and that’s movement.

Now being English okay a home really we are not in England very good at making sexual sense but I have to tell you everybody everywhere I’ve met is actually not very good at making sexual sounds because actually for me as as gamer it’s never been okay for us to one be gay and secondly to even make a whimper about any its former pleasure that were receiving and so there kind of there needs to be some kind of like reprogramming or some kind of real reprogramming or kind of rethinking about okay your relationship with your sex with your pleasure.

And the the point I would say here is that what what I always say is if this happening in your sex is happening in your life and if it’s happening in your life then it’s happening in your sex and they kind of intertwined and so for me the more that you can build a relationship with your sex that you can feel OK in your pleasure that you can feel okay having a much wider experience of your sex then that for me plays out in your day-to-day life it’s like if you’re feeling more expanded in the sex that you’re having and you’re a kind of thing carries on to feeling more expanded more bigger as it were in your day to day life.

So I think part of the becoming multi-orgasmic is exploring the relationship that you have with your sex that you have with your sexual energy and your your want your willingness to kind of really start engaging with them to really start being present and this is where I talk about making sound being able to remember you make sound about an experience that you’re having in your body you’re then conscious of that experience that’s happening in your body.

So I’ve got practice number two for you okay to do this week so that you can kind of start to get into that so what I want you to do is when you’re at home whether you’re on your own as I said with a movie with a friend with friends I don’t care but what at the point I’m trying to make here is that when you’re in your sexual energy what I want you to do is I want you to start practice kind of really breathing into it that’s really kind of being in contact with it and if you’re stroking your cock or somebody else’s I want you to start bringing noise to that way to kind of start bringing the R sound a real R.

And then I want you to start list okay to the sensations that are happening in your body and I want you to imagine that with each breath you’re kind of just making it a little bit bigger than you did before and what you can do is as you’re kind of doing that breath and you’re doing that stimulation and you’re kind of bringing in breath and sound. What you’re able to do is to almost start entering into an almost orgasmic type hypnotic meditative type of state and what you can start to experience over time is the sensation of actually expanding your orgasmic state to kind of the whole of your body.

So typically when we have sex okay I think one of the biggest complaints about sex is that it’s just all down in your cock it’s just all down in your genitals it’s just all down there and it’s not that amazing all that satisfying it’s just kind of like yeah whereas if you start to bring in a breath and start to bring in a sound and you start to bring in like this awareness of the kind of expanding that over your body I promise you okay I’ve been teaching this stuff for over 10 years I promise you it’s gonna feel much much more expanded and there’s then going to be a much greater sense of pleasure and a much greater sense of joy and a feeling of just feeling just bigger more wider more order what more satisfied it.

Yeah what I’m talking about here is the feeling of being more satisfied but there’s one question here I’ve got for you who is responsible okay for your sexual pleasure is it your partner is it how good that film was that you watched and a token? Give me the short version here because little goods all back but the short version is is that you are responsible really you know sometimes when you know we’ve had sex with someone else without God they will live rubbish well that was a bit crap and my point is there’s something about taking responsibility for your own pleasure and working through anything that gets in the way okay working through anything that gets in the way of not enjoying yourself.

So what I’m kind of what I’m saying here is that you’re responsible for your sexual pleasure and you’re responsible for working through anything that gets in the way of that and once you kind of it I could actually feel quite empowering actually that you can kind of take responsibility that is it it’s like it’s time to me it doesn’t really matter about anybody else it’s it’s like I’m able to learn techniques focus on things expand things but it’s me it’s nobody else that’s going to be able to do that for me.

Now there’s another reason why you would really like to do this okay and this is where I talk about the more spiritual aspects of Tantra. So stay with me for a second. Typically if you have some stimulation with yourself with a movie with a friend with friends I don’t care but imagine that you’re being stimulated as I said men typically ejaculate within 15 minutes of sexual activity so if you imagine this as a little charm okay a little mathematical chart in terms of that feeling of a round resort it’s kind of you know I made that noise and it’s over within 15 minutes and and it’s all gone okay.

But imagine that you could make a choice at the 14 minute period go janessa I’m not gonna come I’m just gonna breathe this up through my body I’m gonna give it some sound and you give it some sound breathe it through I’m gonna listen and be aware of all the sensations that are going on in my body and then I’m gonna go back in again okay and you go back in again and what happens is the arousal state starts to increase again and if you keep repeating this over a prolonged period of time you then start getting experiences of like the body shaking of breathing it’s maybe screaming you baby screaming because checking no one on here knows me who you could be screaming but what happens is it really starts to put a lot of fuel on the fire.

But as I said bringing in your breath bringing in sound really taking yourself up to the edge and listening and being with the sensations that are happening now what happens at that time is you keep going you know you could be doing this for an hour two hour whatever happens is that energy just starts to build up and honestly you’ll find yourself almost out of control almost screaming in sheer orgasmic delight.

I need to think that was enough with you you really think that was enough but I’ve got more for you. You see in as Tantra is a spiritual practice Tantra is trying to show you firstly what ecstasy look and for me multi-orgasmic and ecstasy kind of sit together very well and what happens is that’s like the fuel of the fire that then takes you into what I call a very divine state of bliss.

And for me the divine state of bliss is what the enlightened masters are looking for it’s what the Yogi’s are looking for its watts and the Zen Buddhists are looking for and they’re all doing their different spiritual practices to get to this state of I’m tingling because in my meditation this morning I really just felt just with this state of bliss and as I talked about it in you and as I as I convey this to you it’s like I want to share how this is possible and yeah this morning in my meditation just completely with a beautiful state of bliss and the good news is that you can get there through your sexual energy through your cock.

And so there’s something about learning to become multi-orgasmic one because it feels really good and the other thing I forgot it was they want is the other thing I’ve got why didn’t I know this before why am I only knowing this at 45 or around that age why didn’t I well it wasn’t I taught this at school or as a young adult imagine what you could do if you knew this stuff so much younger but so sorry I decide track time back with you so so what I’m saying is is that you know in the first early stages around becoming multi-orgasmic it’s about learning about your body it’s about learning certain techniques and practicing learns it’s about starting to build a relationship with your body and then as you start to get more comfortable making sound you start expanding that energy you’re doing that PC pump exercise that I gave to you and you’re really starting to take that energy up at the peak of that experience.

There’s some later techniques which if you come to my weekend workshops I’m going to show you but there’s some later techniques that kind of uses that sexual energy you’ve built up as kind of like the rocket fuel to open you to states of are kind of lose words here to kind of states of bliss the are very likely not to have experienced before or if you’re a seasoned meditator it’s the same state of bliss that you get in the silence that set the peak of your sexual experience and I’ve talked before about what I call the eye of the storm and the eye of the storm is this state of bliss that other than talking about.

And so I think you know for me one of the reasons why you’d want to become multi-orgasmic is because it would like improve everything we’ve been doing so far oh that’s like reason number one but for those of you that are interested in Tantra as a spiritual journey it’s actually this that can really kind of give you the rocket fuel to I guess it’s like I mean for me Tantra is the fast-track.

Okay if you ever come on and do much longer work with me and Ingo our diploma series we really take you through your paces it’s a real like it’s like spiritual kind of development a rocket style because we just it’s it’s intense and have a trap and if you know any of m diploma students have a chat with them about their experiences it’s kind of for long well this is the kind of like the pre loomed to them and you know what I’m that what I’m teaching you here is basically how to develop that relationship with your body how to develop that relationship with yourself and then learning how to use that energy that take you to blissful states that are way beyond even a state of orgasm or it is a state of orgasm.

You see one of the things I learned about orgasm is firstly we’ve been so sold out as to what we experience typically but the when you start learning to be able to control it when you start learning techniques to control your orgasm and to direct it where you feel to it really can open up universe for you and it can really open you to states of bliss that are so profound that just leave you I’m struggling to find words and so so deeply lived so so deeply wind.

Okay so we’re starting to come to the towards the end of my Facebook Live session with you. Now as I said today I’ve been talking about how to ideas around multiple orgasm I’m giving you a couple of techniques to try at home but bring yourself to one of my multi-orgasmic weekend workshops. Let me just recap that for you I’m going to be in Palm Springs on April the 28th and 29th I’m gonna be in Asheville on May the 12th and 13th London I’m going to be with you on June the 30th and the first of July and Oakland Bay Area I’m going to be with you later on this year October the 27th and 28th and I would really really love you to come to one of my weekend workshops and I’m going to give you an incentive to make it even better.

So if you booked one of my weekend workshops in April so this month if you book a weekend workshop in April I’m going to give you a copy of my Davey Wavey program that I did which is made up of three videos featuring Davey Wavey and Chris Father and three of tantric audio clips featuring me with Davey Wavey being interviewed and talking about counter and there’s really good juicy stuff in there that you’d like that currently retails for $69. So I’m unable to give you that as a free gift as a way of welcoming you to and one of my weekend workshops.

So let me just finish a and recap for you. So to end today we talked I talked about not way I talked about what it is to be multi-orgasmic I talked about the kind of physiological action of becoming multi-orgasmic and then talked about the energetic aspect as well and I talked about how just if you do this PC pump exercise for a week let me know how you get on and then I talked about how to then bring that technique bring breath and sound to your masturbation wanking jerking yourself pleasuring whether that’s with you with a movie or with a friend or friends or a long-term partner and kind of start bringing a more conscious as more awareness to what you’re doing and also start the practice of breathing it through your body and bringing a bringing sound and start to feel that going through your body.

And as I said if you come along to one of my weekend workshops I’m going to show you how to take that forward into achieving really deep profound states of bliss so listen I really enjoy being with you today and yeah it’s been my joy to be with you I hope you get something out of the Facebook Live. Let me know put some comments on below see how you get on and I hope to see you later this year.

Okay take my love and my blessings with you and love showers too.

So thank you for watching my YouTube clip if you enjoyed it please like it and if you’d like more than do subscribe to my channel and if you have any questions leave them on a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer those for you, thank you.

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