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What Is Tantric Sex

Hello there. One of the most popular questions I get is “What is tantric sex? People have kind of got all kinds of ideas about what tantric sex is. The first thing I would say, tantric sex is literally only about 5% of the whole practice of Tantra.

People think that Tantra is sex and sex is Tantra, and tantric sex is all it is. It’s only a very very small sliver, the rest of tantric practice is made up of meditations, is made up of psychotherapeutic exercises, tantric rituals massages, again massages. People think tantric massage is the whole of Tantra, it’s again only 5%. Everything we do in Tantra, including tantric sex, has a purpose. For me the purpose of Tantra is a pathway to enlightenment.

As a Tantra teacher stood in front of you, what I’m absolutely interested in is your enlightenment, I’m invested in putting obstacles in your way – think of Ganesh putting obstacles in your way – that if you’re enlightened, you’re just going to breeze through; and if you’re triggered by stuff or stuff is kind of coming up as obstacles, great because that’s where there’s some stuff for you to explore, to look at, to grow.

As I said, as a Tantra teacher I’m invested purely in your enlightenment, that’s what I’m looking for. Now tantric sex for me in its truest form is an experience that you can share with another person, you can also do it on your own as well – I can hear that question, but here I want to talk about the ability to share energy with another being in the pursuit of understanding ultimate truth, ultimate consciousness, ultimate awareness.

When two beings, regardless of gender, regardless of age, regardless of color, regardless of anything, when two beings connect and they start to  truly connect and they have the experience of tantric practice, they know about energy, they know how to direct that energy, they know the purpose as a knowledge – there’s an experience.

There’s something that happens when two beings connect, there’s a magic that happens, a magic that’s available that is beyond the comprehension or understanding of the ego. It’s like using sexual energy that takes you to places beyond your awareness or your understanding.

Today it’s a bit like with NASA, we’re going out, I think we’re doing Mars by 2020, they’re telling us we’re gonna have a manned mission to Mars; and maybe if we believe Star Trek, in a hundred years we’re going to be exploring all these different planets. I don’t if you have watched Star Trek, when we saw different beings, they had different experiences, different realities.

I think tantric sex is the easy way to experience that, which is more than what you know here on planet Earth. Tantra is a spiritual pathway to ultimate consciousness, ultimate awareness, ultimate truth. It’s a pathway to enlightenment.

I know from my own experience, when I’ve had the chance of very deep, very profound tantric rituals, there’s a consciousness or a knowledge or a sense of knowing that’s beyond the Jason that you see here in front of the camera; and when you’re sharing that with another person there’s something that opens, that’s available that’s not even tangible, you can’t even grab hold of it if you try and grab hold of it. It goes away, and yet is there because it’s the ego that’s trying to grab hold.

There’s something about presence, there’s something about awakening to that which is the truth, and tantric sex is a way of doing that. It’s also very pleasurable if you bring your genitals in, bring your cock in, or if you have different genitals they all feel pleasurable. I think that’s one of the things I love about Tantra is its ability to be a spiritual pathway through the most infinite pleasure that you’ll ever experience.

There are other spiritual paths, there’s yoga, there’s Tibetan Buddhist meditation, there’s plant medicine, ayahuasca, there’s hundreds of other different spiritual pathways; all taking us to this ultimate truth, this ultimate consciousness and Tantra and tantric sex is part of that, is one way of getting there. But there is not a place, there is something that’s already there, it’s about Tantra, tantric sex, enabling us to open to understanding or feeling or sensing or knowing what is already there.

People get excited about tantric sex because they think this a new way of fucking, a new way of having multiple orgasms. Everything, every technique, you do in Tantra is all about helping you awaken to consciousness, awaken to the trick,  engage the spirituality. In the last decade I’ve seen all these new groups popping up.

As gay and bisexual men, we’re doing much more body orientated stuff, we’re doing tantric massage, we’re doing  sort of like tantric rituals. The one thing for me that is absolutely crucial is that it’s being held by a philosophy, that you’re not just experiencing a tantric massage for tantric massage sake – that’s a beautiful thing in itself but after a while that will get boring.

For me in my teachings, and what I’m offering, I use counter techniques as part of a pathway for understanding more truth and not just using Tantra techniques for Tantra technique sake. I talk about fertile soil, and for me if you’re just doing Tantra techniques for the sake of it, it’s like plants trying to grow in shallow soil and after a while they start really well and they’re full of it and then they they die and they wither and this is where I think tantric sex and any tantric practices need to be underpinned with a tantric philosophy, with a tantric understanding.

This is where I think having a Tantra is a really good thing, because they’re holding that philosophy, they’re shining a light across a spiritual pathway, they’re helping you understand and get conscious to what is happening to you; and that for me is what tantric sex is. It’s about a set of techniques that are taking you to a deeper understanding of the truth of who you really are, of enlightenment, of awareness, of consciousness, of all of those things; so for me that’s what tantric sex is.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this video and more from me soon, take care, bye bye.

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