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What Is Intimacy?

Video Transcript:

Hello there it’s Jason Tantra here and in my video to you this time I wanted to talk about what is intimacy. Just think about that for a second, what is intimacy? iIt’s like it’s something about being in connection with other people, it’s somewhere about not being lonely, it’s something about, well let’s just stop and let’s just take a deeper look at what is intimacy.

Now I was having a chat with one of my Tantra love facilitators we were kind of debating this topic and I wanted to offer you some ideas that for me intimacy is in three layers of a cake. For me at the very early part of intimacy it’s about finding like-minded souls, like-minded men, like-minded gay and bisexual men that you feel in connection with; it’s like the first step is like finding your community. For me it’s like once you start identifying with a community that already kind of brings in the first layer of intimacy, it’s like you can see in these other people and these other men that you can kind of see yourself.

Then for me kind of the second layer of intimacy and you have to stay with me on this, but the second layer of intimacy for me was something around being able to be my true self and not having to filter myself. If you think about your family, maybe you’re very lucky you can be all of yourself, but maybe for some of you watching this you can’t be all of yourself, maybe it’s not okay for you to come out as gay or bisexual or it’s not okay to talk about the way that you have sex or it’s not okay to talk about the different people that you’re in connection with, and it may also be if you work in an office, I remember in my corporate days if you’re working in an office it might not be okay to talk about your personal life, and so for me the idea of intimacy was something around where I can be with another person or persons and not just identified with them but actually be my true self, even the parts of myself I may not tell my parents about, or may not tell my work colleagues about, but it was where I would feel intimacy is for me the crux of it is truth, where I’m able to live my complete truth and not have to hide any part of myself and would be received without any judgment, would be received and held in love and that for me I don’t if you can feel it as I’m talking about it but that for me is is where there’s true intimacy.

And then as I’ve kind of been reflecting on this this week a new idea that’s come, a sort of light at the third layer of the cake, was something about an intimacy with myself. It’s like once I’m in a community okay that’s kind of level one and then the next level is where I can be my true self with different people and for me beyond even that kind of the next layer up as it were was about a much truer intimacy with myself and for me that exploration is around exploring the parts of myself that even I don’t know yet okay even I don’t know about those parts yet one of the things I’ve been doing over the last I think six nine months I’m very much exploring silent meditation and I’m very much exploring what I’m very much exploring the silence and what I’m finding in there and I’m going to talk about this morning and in a later video but I’m kind of finding that I’m meeting myself in ways that I haven’t done before and it’s like there’s a much deeper intimacy with myself than I’ve ever had before and it’s like I don’t when you know the words to describe it cuz as it really touches me I really feel that I’m exploring parts of myself having an intimacy with myself and honesty with myself or a new discovery and new revealing that I’ve never ever had before so I’m gonna hold it there cuz I’m gonna save all of that for the next video I release but I just wanted to just kind of get you thinking about what is intimacy and I’ve given you three ideas leave some comments tell me what you think and more from me soon take care bye bye.

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