Tantra Facilitator
T4GM Diploma in Tantra, meditation and yoga practitioner, shamanic healing (Eagle's Wing, Warrior in the Heart), Amazonian plant medicine, and currently undergoing teacher training in classical tantra with Swami Ravi Rudra Bharati.
About Me
Hi, I’m Virya. I hold friendly, welcoming and supportive space for men to learn, experience, heal and grow stronger. I grew up believing that science has somehow ‘disproved’ spirituality – that science explains everything and there is no longer a place for religion and spirituality in the world. Through an initial interest in meditation I’ve followed a path into the world of spirituality, and experienced its power. I’m excited to share some of this experience to help others on their own journey through life.
Why I Facilitate
I first came across Jason and Ingo on a workshop in 2011 after searching “gay tantra” online. I started the Diploma in Tantra in 2017 and it changed my life. While I had already started to feel curious about the possibility of spirituality, and there being more to life than what we typically see around us, the first week’s course left me with no doubt.
For me, Tantra has served as an antidote to the materialist capitalist mindset which is the norm in contemporary Britain. Consumerism, sensationalist corporate media and the reality TV effect can leave us feeling flat, low and empty. Through practice of Tantra I feel whole: confident, unashamed, connected, and vibrant.