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Why is the Diploma in Tantra part of the Coach training?

We believe that to effectively hold space for others you need to have been through the journey yourself. Our Diploma in Tantra is just for you, and about you. It is a unique opportunity to explore Tantra from the place of a participant.

The Diploma in Tantra is a profound, deep, highly ecstatic and blissful experience that will enable you more deeply to live in the truth of who you are as a human being. The programme is the only training world-wide that offers you such a comprehensive and complete training in Neo-Tantra, specifically designed for men who love men. It comprises 3 modules, each as a 7-day residential training in gorgeous locations in Europe and East / West Coast USA.

It is not only focused on the many experiences you will have with Tantra, but also the integration and grounding in your daily life in that we focus on processing what you learned, and to ground your learnings into your daily life. During the training you will spend time each day in group spiritual enquiry looking to make sense of the experiences you have had and how to root those into your day to day life.

In experiencing all of that Neo Tantra has to offer we believe you can embark on a journey where you can be of service to others, both from your personal experience of Tantra and also from that which you to learn in the Tantra Coach training.

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