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What kind of people go?

This event is open for all men who love men. And each group is varied in who attends. There is a mixture of ages, ethnicities and on occasions different genders. Some men identify as gay, bi-sexual, straight, non-binary, or trans. We have men attending in their 20’s and men attending in their 70’s and every man in other age brackets too.

When I have looked at the men who attend, they are as varied in all ways. This is part of the beauty of these events. Love does not know any bias or discrimination. We help and encourage you to share and take part as you feel comfortable, in each moment. It might be that your surprised of new possibilities and have interactions with men you would not typically.

Men come who are curious about Tantra, curious about exploring different ways of connecting with men than they would in the outside world. So if you a Yes, feel an appetite, a curiosity after reading this, then this is the thing for you to try out.

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