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Teacher Line Up TLFUK - Jason

Teacher Line Up TLFUK - Jason, by andrew_10929



Jason, founder of Tantra4GayMen and co-festival organiser with Ingo will lead several workshops during the festival. These will include A high Tantric Ritual of Love, an Ecstatic Surrender Workshop along with a variety of other Tantra Workshops that will bring you inter deeper intimacy with yourself and others based on some of the video from his collaboration with Davey Wavey: www.tantra4gaymen.co.uk/davey-wavey


Teacher Line Up TLFUK - Ingo

Teacher Line Up TLFUK - Ingo, by andrew_10929




Ingo co-founder of Tantra4GayMen and co-Festival organiser will offer Tantric Meditation each morning. As well as supporting Jason in some of the Tantric workshops offered. Ingo will also co-facilitate the opening and closing ceremonies and support the morning meetings.


Teacher Line Up TLFE - Will

Teacher Line Up TLFE - Will, by andrew_10929


Will Bedell


Will Bedell has been fascinated by the male physique and what it is capable of ever since he was a competitive gymnast and diver at age 8.  He began his career as a yoga and Pilates instructor and massage therapist in 1998. After attending several Tantra based workshops four years ago, Will has found a new passion in being a teacher and student of Tantra, and now offers therapeutic, erotic and Tantra massage and sex coaching.  Will has been self-employed for over 15 years now and enjoys giving his San Francisco clients a sexy mix of bodywork, sex education and play. His love for men, nudity and touch keeps growing and he's always looking for new opportunities to teach and share erotic energy.


Teacher Line Up TLFE - Ed

Teacher Line Up TLFE - Ed, by andrew_10929

Ed Remos
Ed Remos first began exploring wellness and yoga in the mid-1980s.  Early on he discovered Whole Foods Market and began a long successful career as a nutritional supplements consultant.  In 2011, he began taking weekly classes with Nude York Yoga. Then, in 2016, he became a Certified Yoga Instructor. Around that time he also discovered Massage and Tantra workshops in New York City. He has attended dozens of Massage classes and Tantric events.  In October 2017, he began to offer Nude Yoga classes, followed by a weekly Men’s Tantra Session.


Teacher Line Up TLFE - Nicholas
Nicholas Sieben
Nicholas Sieben has been walking the path of healing, mysticism, and erotic ritual play professionally for 20 years. He began as an erotic masseur during a stay in Edinburgh, found his way into tantric work, Tibetan Buddhism and later into Chinese medicine, Taoism, and native Shamanic medicine. These days he maintains a busy acupuncture practice in New York City. He also creates group events, promoting community, connection, and erotic exploration. Nicholas and his work come from a playful place, with deep devotion to the depth of the soul and the transformative power of love and generosity.