We get so much excellent feedback from our course participants and we wanted to share with you our favourite pieces of feedback we have received: -

“Thanks for an amazing weekend. I am still feeling very blissful. This was my first experience of Tantra and it was wonderful. The pace was just right, the teaching was exemplary and the variety was fascinating.

I enjoyed the way that we learned specific practices and then got the chance to practice them either on our own or with partners. It will make me take more time to enjoy all aspects of my sexuality at a slower, more considered and more thoughtful pace. This feels like the start of a journey that I was always meant to be on.

Specifically, I learned how to enjoy multiple orgasm! Overall I learned about the role of breathing and sound within sexual activity. I learned to be a more centred person.

Jason demonstrated amazing empathy. He made us all feel comfortable, open to learning and prepared for an amazing journey.

The food was really as amazing - i couldn't improve it any way. And for the record I'm really fussy!”

Matt – London

I would definitely give the workshop 10 out of 10 stars. Jason is an excellent instructor, filled with positive energy that was contagious. I felt super safe to go for it each time he introduced a new exercise and concept.
Anonymous - New York

“Hi Jason,

Thank you so much for a mind-blowing weekend! I loved it and am mostly grinning peacefully today.

My experience of Tantra was hugely positive. I've been floundering in moving my relationship with sex away from an addictive all or nothing place and combining it with my spiritual life. It had been around 17 months since I had any sexual contact with anyone (not joking!) Me and my partner and I had been struggling for a while before then. The sexual safety of the course... thank you for that.

The ability to stand naked in front of men openly without either trying to push the erotic side or deny it was very delicate and precious to me. The eye contact on day one I found very beautiful and stabbed me with the idea of 'that of God in everyone', to quote the Quakers! During the first exercise, the one before the dance, when we were clothed and breathing and moving to music, I had a couple of moments of absolutely feeling like a woman and being fucked by God which resonated later when you said (I think) that gender is on a spectrum.

The weekend brought up some stuff that I've always struggled with. The massage on Day One was challenging around me assuming all the responsibility for my partner's response and experience and tapped into feeling unconfident, not good enough/'less than'/not able to satisfy because he was a very beautiful-looking man. The universe definitely did work through the cards the next day because, sure enough, it was him again. The ritual was epic and it was really an honour and moving pleasure to facilitate and witness his experience. And in association with that, I felt enough. My own experience of receiving was incredible, I haven't experienced anything like it before, the going into erotic energy with that level of abandon was electric, and the bliss at the end was a glimpse of heaven with the living and the dead.

Yup, pretty satisfied.

Out of the whole course, I enjoyed the ritual the most. I feel excited that it will change my life through being more open to love/Universe and less ashamed.

I thought you were a superb facilitator. I had a moment when we were standing around stark naked on the first day with our cups of tea thinking 'How the hell did we get here? - but it's perfect'. I thought you were very encouraging and also knew when to push.

The venue was beautiful and comfortable though it was pretty full.

The food was really beautiful - I only had the main course each day as I was just too excited to eat a dessert.

Thank you Jason, thank you. I look forward to attending a session in London again soon. I suspect my partner is going to head along at some point too.

Love, Patrick x

Patrick – London

“Hi Jason,

thank you so much for this amazing weekend: it has been truly a life-changing experience. I'm very happy to give you my feedback.

You have been a perfect facilitator making us all feel comfortable from day one, overcome the worries, go beyond habits and preconditioning and step into a space of unconditional love, acceptance and intimacy so naturally. The whole process felt very natural and it is remarkable how quickly we went from being a group of complete strangers to a group of men celebrating and experiencing love.

I am grateful for all the love received and shared among us, and the blissful connection with universal love reached in the tantric ritual. It carried a lot of healing for my wounded heart and I have cried plenty of tears, both of joy for this reconnection with universal unconditional love and the gift of experiencing at last acceptance and unconditional love from another man, and also of sorrow for the longing and lack of love experienced over the years.

I left the workshop in a state of bliss and I am looking forward to share this experience and have deeper connections with other men.

I am also grateful to myself for having silenced doubt and criticism and having trusted my ability to reach a fully satisfactory experience. I am ever so happy to have finally experienced fully the joy of letting go and surrender and allow the loving caring bliss gifted by my tantric partner.

I enjoyed a lot the intimacy exercise, and most of all the tantric ritual at the end of the course. Also the most difficult/challenging exercises have been a valuable preparation for what came next.

The amazing food has also contributed to bring pleasure to a perfect weekend.

I loved the venue, it was perfect size and cosy to allow intimacy between us.

I am looking forward to more experiences...: I am waiting for a reply from my boss about September, hoping the tickets won't disappear before I get one... Otherwise I will join some other events as soon as they come up.

Once more thank you for this wonderful gift.

Warm wishes,Emanuele”

Emanuele – London

“Hi Jason

It has been an amazing experience, made even better by you as our facilitator! I made connections with all but two guys and those guys I connected with were awesome, friendly, open and loving.....I enjoyed the nipple ritual best because I have sensitive nips....There was nothing I didn't enjoy.....

I am not sure yet how my life will change coz of the course, maybe by going on more events i will know. It did stir up some shit for me obviously but that was beneficial for me...The food was fantastic....I have to bring doggy bag next time....I will definitely come to another tantra course run by you again. Thanks for everything. Lots of tantric love to you, Joe xxx”

Joe – London

“Hi Jason

Firstly can I thank you for the weekend so that I could attend.  It was very kind of you and I truly appreciated the chance to experience Tantra.  The whole weekend for me was a most affecting and stimulating experience that I want to encounter again and learn more about.

I found everything we did over the weekend built on the previous activity and experience and heightened the pleasure I encountered during the weekend.  For this reason I simply cannot select any aspects of it and say I liked them more or less than others.  The weekend was a most liberating and pleasurable glimpse into the Tantric world.

I thought you were an excellent facilitator and it was obvious that you really wanted everyone to get the most out of the weekend.  Your approach to teaching and demonstrating the techniques was not only professional but highly motivating and inspiring.

The venue itself was very nice and offered very good facilities which were definitely more than fit for purpose. The food was fantastic and as a meat eater, although I was dubious about what I’d be eating prior to the weekend, I can honestly say that I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of eating vegetarian for a change.  

The weekend has definitely left me feeling that I want to learn and experience more about Tantra and all the facets of it.

In the mean time I will practice the techniques you taught at the weekend as and when I can and allow them to enrich my life.    

Once again thank you for a fantastic weekend spent with wonderful guys and in an obvious loving environment.

Love, Graham”

Graham – London

"Firstly I would like to thank you for a great evening, may I say that after the session, the feeling of well being and somehow feeling good with my life despite the stress, anxiety and confusion of everyday life. (You can quote this if you like.) I bow my head to you in appreciation".

Aldo - London

"Hi Jason, just thought I would drop a line to say I haven’t visited the website for some months and was really pleased to log on and see the new look! After the weekend course in Bournemouth over 2 years ago now, I felt a transformed man. I had split up from my partner of 20 years and felt myself drifting and with poor self-esteem. But the course really did transform things for me. Shortly after I met a guy and initially we both started using tantric techniques of hugging massage etc. This developed into incredible sexual experiences and we have now been together ever since and live together. He is a young personal trainer that loves being with an older mature guy. For whatever reasons it works so well and we are both very much in love. So just thought I’d drop a line to say how grateful I am for that weekend"

Laurence - Bournemouth


I would absolutely do a weekend workshop with Jason. I would love to work more with him - It was a super juicy and electric night and a beautiful group of men.

Anonymous - New York