Why Choose to Train With Us?

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There are many good reasons to do this Certificate Program with us!

This Teacher Training is ...

 The most profound and comprehensive you will currently find in the gay Tantra world.

Highly Professional - Highly Ethical - Packed with Practical Content

From the master internationally-recognized teachers with decades of experience teaching others Tantra.

And unique in many more ways - READ ON!

The Tantra4GayMen Method is a unique and immensely powerful approach to Tantra, combining ancient spirituality with the best in contemporary personal development.

We have accumulated profound knowledge in the best approaches to Neo-Tantra for more than 20 years. We have immersed ourselves in multiple disciplines of mysticism, meditation, coaching, body-based spirituality, psychotherapy, business, and more.


Our unique approach to Tantra is the result - a practice that has changed the lives of countless men in the most incredible ways imaginable.

Click on this video to see what our Tantra students say about how we have changed their lives.

(VIDEO: Dip Students Testimonials)


We are the global experts in Tantra for men who love men. We have created a unique success story, combining Tantra, spirituality, business, community, and a very special lifestyle.


In just 8 years, we have expanded from a small UK-based school to a global venture.

Our teaching spans 5 continents - completely unique in the gay Tantra world.

We have created our own series of Tantra Festivals - again, completely unique in the gay Tantra world.

More than 10,000 people have been through our work.

Our large community of followers is vibrant, loving, and full of warmth and friendship.


And last but not least:

To us, to be a Tantra Teacher does not just mean to teach Tantra.

It also means to fully live the Tantric spiritual lifestyle, to create a successful Tantra business, and to attract, build and maintain a special community of men focused on growth, transformation, profound love and friendship, and shared peak experiences.

We, Jason and Ingo, bring a unique background and teaching skills. From us, you will learn all you need to become a successful Tantra Teacher.

We bring unique depths of experience and unique specialised skillset to train you.

Jason - University degree in integrative counselling / 10 years of professional work as a psychotherapist / Specialisation in work with sexual issues and trauma / Extensive training and lifelong vocation in Neo-Tantra and its many varieties / 25 years of background in a plethora of spiritual modalisites, including energy work, mediumship, spiritualism, Eastern forms of meditation, ecstatic Satsang and Darshan / Full business career and entrepreneur including multi-million dollar projects.

Ingo - PhD and former University professor / 13 Years on extensive training in many modalities of Neo-Tantra / Extensive background in meditation and a plethora of other spiritual disciplines.

Click here to read more about our background.


We offer a holistic, comprehensive and modern view on Tantra, way beyond the standard 'Tantric Massage' experiences.


We are different! We teach Neo-Tantra as a fusion of ancient and modern practices taken from multiple disciplines. We do not teach Tantra as a religious path, but as a system of personal development that encompasses the body, our sexuality, intimacy, and methods from modern coaching and psychology, but also meditation, ecstatic practices, energy work, intuitive mediumship, and a strong focus on mystical dimensions and experiences.


This means: Tantra, for us, is way beyond and so much more than the ‘Tantra techniques’ and ‘Tantric massages’ that you might have encountered in the marketplace. Our training is beyond learning conventional tantric techniques and massage. Our process is a lot broader and wider and encompasses powerful and comprehensive ways to guide men through a complete process of personal development.


Ethical practice is fundamental to what we teach and who we are.


Being a Tantra Teacher, to us, means to create safe ethical spaces in which men can grow, heal, and blossom. Holding safe space and impeccable ethical practice - these are not just words for us, but they pervade all of our teaching and being.


You will learn to use your own life experience to guide men through their journey to healing, their higher self, and to inner freedom.


Have you been on a spiritual path on your own? Have you studied Tantra, Yoga, Meditation, Sacred Intimacy, or related disciplines? Wondered how to give your practice that boost - with new techniques, new confidence, and a profound credibility of a Teacher Certificate? This training gives you all of that.

See here for details of what you will learn.

You will be part of an inner circle of global Tantra Teachers - spiritual warriors on a mission to redefine what it means to be a man who loves men.

We at Tantra4Gaymen are currently redefining what it means to live Tantra. Through our events, Festivals, and communities, we are bringing on entirely new possibilities of what it means to live love and community among spiritually inclined men who love men. When you join us, you will never be alone again. You will join a community, a small and intimate, but rapidly growing global movement of Tantra Teachers who are passionate and dedicated to create meaningful change in our community and the world.

You can live all of this! In cloosing to train with us, you can become part of this dream.
Does this feel like you? Then sign up for this training and change your life forever!
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