Tantra Teacher Training

Due to Covid-19, our UK Diploma weeks are postponed to Fry 9 to Sun 18 April-2021

This Event will be updated by Sep 30, 2020 where places will be available for this training. 

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Does This Sound Like You? READ ON!

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How Would It Be To ...

Create Unique Experiences of Love, Ecstasy and Connection

Guide Men Through Processes of Growth Towards Profound Awareness and Transformation

Work With The Most Powerful Energies There Are - Love, Sex, Spirit
Find and Live Your True Passion, Vocation, Community, and Career - and Change Your Life Forever
Join a Global Movement of Men Standing Up to Change How We Relate to Each Other
What Difference Can Your Life Make?
Be a Part of This Vision and Find Out!
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Welcome to the Tantra Teacher Training Program!

Come and Create a World of Difference

Make the Creation of Peak Experience your Profession and Learn to Help Other Men to Live an Ecstatic Life! 

We, Jason and Ingo at Tantra4GayMen, train the best Tantra Teachers of tomorrow.

We have the expertise, skills, the personal and professional background, and the psychological and spiritual depth. And we have walked our talk and made our Tantra venture a global success.

Joining us, you will receive the most profound and comprehensive Tantra Teacher training for men who love men currently on the market - taught in a unique way: experiential, interactive, learning-by-doing.

You will learn to master unique skills:
A complete training in Tantra, of course.
Plus so much more:
How to integrate related disciplines such as meditation, energy work, coaching, and massage.
How to create spaces of transformation and personal growth.
How to teach and develop your own teaching style.
How to lead, guide, hold and coach groups and individuals through transformation.
And last but not least:
How to make this work in your life and how to build your own business in Tantra.

Joining us can turn your life around in many ways - who you are as a person, your career, your community, and your perspective on life!

You can use this training and your certificate to foster many of your aspirations. Being a Tantra Teacher can give your life a new purpose and vocation. If you are up for it, it can give you a business and career. You can use your skills to create your own communities of love and ecstatic life. You can be part of an incredible global community of Tantra Teachers and live Tantra as a lifestyle. Or you can use your certificate to create something entirely different.

What difference can your life make?

The possibilities are endless!

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This Is How It Works

The Tantra Teacher Training Program consists of six modules of 7 to 9 days each.

Start with our Starter Module:
UK (Totnes) - August 15 to August 23, 2020
Flexible timing:
After starting, you can take the program at your own pace:
1, 2, or more modules per year.
Flexible sign-up and payment:
Sign up for the entire training, or just for one module at a time.
Or, just sign up for our starter module and check us out!
Each way, you can pay in full or in monthly instalments.
No risk for you:
If your circumstances change, you can leave/re-enter the program whenever you wish.

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Step into Your New Life as a Tantra Teacher!

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