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My name is Taras. I moved from Estonia to London in 2010, and now consider London my hometown. I'm grateful for the opportunities and challenges I face every day living here.
My journey to Tantra started in 2010 when discovering a variety of Yoga styles. I do love yoga, but sometimes I go to the gym for brutal energy to feel more like a human with different needs.
I've always felt a need to serve the gay community and other communities as well. I've volunteered in the centre helping people living with HIV, and at the yoga centre helping people who are living with cancer.
Newcomers are always welcome to the classes I run, unless it's stated clearly 'not for beginners.' I believe that Tantra isn't for everyone, but it's worth exploring and trying out! For myself, it took two years to join the Tantra classes after the first invitation, and since then it has become my passion.


I fell in love with Yoga from the first class in 2010. Since then, I have finished three yoga trainings. Joining Tantra was easy, as most of the practices have a lot in common with Yoga, especially with Kundalini Yoga. 


I didn't know that Yoga actually comes from Tantra. Seeing the whole picture helped me to be more connected with myself on the physical, spiritual and mental level. Or maybe because I got older and wiser.


What is Tantra for me now? It's an energy boost, making me available to be open about topics around sex and love, and being non-judgemental around my sexuality.



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  • Variety of Massage styles and approaches from Therapeutic to Tantric
  • Work with couples - helping lovers to reconnect
  • Healing sessions to help you reconnect with your sexual power
  • Private and group yoga, teaching, and running