Tantric Touch & Love Facilitator

Our society needs Love right now like never before. Gay and Bi men are feeling increasingly isolated, unloved and out of touch and not sure how to connect with each other. And the ways we connect with each other in unsatisfying sexual contact leave us hungry. We struggle with the ability to connect more deeply, more profoundly and more intimately with each other. And we are unhappy and lonely inside with this lack of connection.  
What’s the answer? Love! Purely and simply, Love. In all of my meditations, training and years of experience, the answer is quite simple! Love….
Have you followed the Tantric Path and feel called to make a contribution to society? Do you feel a deep call to use Tantra to make a difference in our world - but don’t know yet how? 
If you believe that Love is the answer, then join in me in our crusade to create spaces for gay and bi men to “Be Love” through Tantra, Touch & Love… all over the world!  
Become a Tantra4GayMen Tantric Touch & Love Facilitator 
If you are able to offer some commitment in the form of time, some small investment and a passion to create spaces of Love, then I can offer you my experience, my skills, my website, my marketing, my love and my holding to help and guide you in steering your own creation of Love in our world.   
Join Me and Become a Tantric Touch & Love Facilitator. 
Send me a message and let's setup a call
We can chat about what has called you and talk more about what being a facilitator includes. In my thinking you’d commit to creating a community group of men that meet on a monthly basis to share Tantra, Touch and Love - in your region, where you live. Maybe you have already dreamt of manifesting something like this, but did not know how - small, intimate, joyful 3 hour evenings of pure beautiful, intimate and sensual loving connection with like-minded men from your region. 
Feel called? Want to know more? Let’s chat this through! After our chat, if we both feel it’s a yes, then I will invite you to attend a 3 day training course where you will learn everything to become a Tantric Touch and Love Facilitator.
UK 2017 dates: Tue 28 to Thu 30 Nov-17
Location: tbc
USA 2017 dates: Oct-17, Tue 17 to Thu 19,
Location: tbc
During the training course,  you will get to meet the other facilitators and create your own vision and plan to create your events. I will support you and train you how to hold groups, how to create a safe ethical container, how to deal with any issues, and I’ll provide you with a practical framework and lots of hands-on knowledge about how to create and structure these kinds of events. I will also teach you how to develop events with your own unique personal flavour and to put into practice ideas that come from YOU and no one else  - because in the end it’s YOUR and no one else’s unique and personal contribution to Tantra and Love in the world.  
When you leave the training you will be all set up and ready to start creating your 1st event. You’ll get to use all of our resources such as our state of the art website, booking system, our marketing resources and of course our social network.
Each month I will offer you content for your session. I’ll give you ideas on what you can offer, how to hold that and give you themes to express and explore Love. I plan to record a video for you each month. 
And in addition, I’ll be with you for each step of the way, to listen and give you ideas in terms of planning your sessions, finding a venue, and advertising for men to come along. I’ll also be with you afterwards so you can debrief, talk about any issues or problems that came up and work with you to find the deeper learning and help you to build experience for the future. As our community of facilitators grows, I’ll also host group calls so that you can share and learn about your experiences from each other.   
In exchange I ask for you to work with me exclusively for at least 2 years, to offer a percentage  of your income and to pay for your training courses of 3 days, once per year. Your contribution pays for my time, experience and all of the resources and investments required for the website and other administrative costs.   
Sounds Good?
Around 5 years ago I used to facilitate “Tantra Club” in London and group sizes were around 40 men in central London. What I used to “Love” about these evenings was that I would see all these men, from completely different backgrounds, different ages, different sizes, different jobs, different everything actually .. and yet there was one thing in common that I used to see, and that was the desire, the want to feel Love. And to feel Love in the form of touch and connection with other men. To feel connected with the sensual part and the loving part of each self. 
What used to make me smile time and time again, was that the men would arrive anxious and nervous. And within about 15mins of some simple Tantric Exercises they would relax and soften, and within half an hour would feel comfortable enough to be nude. And when I led them into Love, walked a pathway into their hearts, they became radiant, soft, loving and I saw such beauty and such Love.  
I think I did Tantra Club for about 3 to 4 years, and as much as I loved this time, the effort required drained me due to the considerable physical distance that I lived away from London. My day would start at 10am in the morning, packing the car, making last minute preparations and bookings, arriving into London around 4pm to set up. And then arriving back home around 3am in the morning with the car window wide open trying desperately not to fall asleep. It would then take me about 2 days to recover and after years of doing this, it was time to move on and create our Diploma and Festival programmes. Which serve in deeper and bigger ways. But I have never forgotten what these evenings offered and have always felt a sadness in not being able to support this further. 
In 2016, I launched our brand new Tantra4GayMen website. It took one year working with my web developers to design the perfect website and at a cost of around £25,000. For me my plan has been to create Tantric Community. Over the years 10,000 men have attended workshops and events Ingo and I have created and afterwards has always been the questions “What's Next” and “How do I keep in the Tantric energy”. From your feedback there is often a sense of having found something, or had a profound connection of “Love” in a Tantric Workshop, but a difficulty to keep that and take that into the day to day life - especially if you live in a region where Ingo and I don’t usually teach. So my aim has been to help you “Create Community” so that you can live and integrate Tantra into your day to day life. And so in the new website we created regional groups so that you could now start to meet each other, start to engage, and I know for some of you, you have had the most amazing connections with other men.
But I still feel and see many of you wishing for that “Love”, wishing for that “Being Love”, and I have in my meditations been sat with that need, that want. I see in the regional groups lots of desires to get together, to meet up and to connect, but after that initial wave of enthusiasm the next questions are: Who is going to step forward to actually organise something? Who is going to put the effort in to make it happen? And when someone has decided that they want to do this, more questions come up for them:  Where do I hold this? What massages or Tantric exercises do I offer? How do I structure this? What happens if someone struggles? How do I get men to come along? And a long list of other questions. 
I want a different world, a want a world that Loves and the shines Love into the universe. I want men from all over the world to feel connected with each, to feel that they know how to access and “Be Love”. That they feel a sense of knowing where they can “Be Love”. 
I want this so much that I am willing to offer all of my skills, my love, my experience, my contacts, my website, my everything into pursuit of this endeavor. Imagine a new way of “Being Love” in the world, where there are multiple ways and groups of men “Being Love” all over the world in ways that are held, safe and loving. 
Welcome to becoming a Tantric Touch & Love Facilitator, Welcome to being part of making a difference in this world. And you have my hand, my support, my love, my experience, my knowing to support you and help you create this vibration of Love … all over the world. 
Sounds Good?