A Tantric Game for You to Try at Home

Video Transcript:

Hello there, I’m Jason Tantra and welcome to my video this time. What I’ve got for you this time round is a Tantric Game. So this is going to be something I really encourage you to try out at home. At first glance it might sound really simple but as you get into this game you’ll then notice that there’s some complexities and there’s some things to consider and chances to take and so it can be a really good thing - I’ll tell you about the game in a minute. But in my Tantra workshops that I teach, residential or at festivals, for me the idea of a Tantric game or Tantric ritual is really good because it helps you to do things that you typically haven’t done before. Like when we think about when we connect with somebody intimately we can follow what I call the ‘same sex script’ where we do things each time, we kiss, we suck, we fuck, game is over, half an hour if you’re lucky, job done and you’re kind of feeling ‘was I ever touched in any of that’ or ‘did I really feel satisfied’, ‘did I ever feel that we met?’. For me one of the reasons why you’d bring in different Tantric games or rituals is it’s about exploring stuff that you haven’t done before, so that’s new, and when you do something new you’re slightly vulnerable as you don’t know how it’s going to go, but there for me is the potential for magic to happen. When you’re doing something that you haven’t done before there is the potential that something magical can happen, something unusual, something that’s going to make you go ‘aaaaaah’ or something that’s going to touch you in a way that’s very deep and very very beautiful.
Now this Tantric game that I’ve got for you this time you can either be doing that with a very long term partner, maybe you’ve been with the same person for 50 years, or it could be someone you met 5 minutes ago and anything else in between, it really doesn’t matter. If you’re looking for somebody to meet that you want to play this game with, have a look on my jasontantra.co.uk website and on there is a free social network with 1500+ men allover the world. So what I’m trying to say is there are no excuses for you not meeting somebody to play this game with, there’s going to be someone...