Festival Programme


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Festival begins on:

 Saturday, 29 Aug 2020 at 5pm (check in from 3pm)

Festival ends on:

Wednesday, 2 Sept 2019 at 3pm.


The Festival Days

Days start with Morning Meditation and Yoga – we have laid on a programme of beautifully facilitated meditations both active and silent, and of different styles of yoga, so there is plenty of new things to learn and every day is different. The choice is yours!

Then it’s time for our Buffet Breakfast – hang out with your friends and have your breakfast wherever you’d like.

After breakfast, we will hold our Morning Meeting in which teachers will present their workshops of the day - so you know exactly what's on offer.

This is followed by the day's first selection of Tantra Workshop Sessions in the five themed areas - see below for an idea of what awaits you.

Then it’s for Lunch, followed by some Free Time to hang out in the spa or do whatever your heart desires.

At our festivals, each participant is assigned to a Family - a group of guys who will be your buddies for the Festival time. In the early afternoon, the families come together for an hour to share and spend some time together. Many festival-goers say that this is the time where the best friendships are forged!

Then, in the afternoon, another selection of Tantra Workshop Sessions in the five themed areas - again see below for the variety of workshops you can expect.

This is followed by Dinner with dessert.

After Dinner, it's time for a selection of Tantra Workshop Sessions and Evening Entertainment - these evening sessions are often very special rituals to go deep and celebrate!

After that, from about 10.30pm, time to indulge in the late evening and hang out - in the Spa and Sauna, in the Coffee Bar, or in our specially created Love Lounge where you can meet others to cuddle, touch, and exchange massage.  


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The Workshops

Each year is unique and different. For you to get an idea, here are some of the workshops we have had over the last few years:

The Tantric Bliss Toolkit Breath, Ecstasy, Passionate Brothers
The Multi-Orgasmic Man - What You Really Want - Tantric Erotic Massage
Opening to the Freedom of the Heart - Touch, Flex, Flow - Tantric Cuddle Share
Tantric Energy Healing - Intense Sensation and Ecstasy - Separating Orgasm from Ejaculation - Conscious Power Exchange - Erotic Playfighting - Journey Through The Senses - The Power of Letting Go - Traditional Kriya Tantra - Meeting Your Inner Essence - Sacred Sound Immersion - Riding The Breath of Life - Bodyflow Massage - Tantric Shiatsu - Transcendence: A High Tantric Ritual - Your Pathway to Super Orgasms The Healing Body Activation - Tantric Bathing Ritual - Mantra Concert - Working with the Chakra System - From Fear To Love - Ecstatic Self-Pleasuring - Erotic Body Painting - Shamanism: Elements and Animal Spirits - Creating Sacred Soundscapes - Tantric Mediumship - The Natural Health Matrix: - Flogging for Fun and Erotic Connection - Shamanic Journeying - Tantric Meditations - TheAlchemy of Yoga - Exploration of Drag - Conscious Surrender - Rough Body Play - Sensual Massage - I Am Light - Body, Colour and Movement - Euphoria - Play Parties -Self- and Energy Management - Sensual Chakra Massage

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