Tantra Love Festival East

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Welcome to five days of exciting, sensual, spiritual, erotic, mind-expanding experiences!

The Tantra Love Festivals are unique. We have created them for you to discover the amazing world of Tantra with an incredible group of men who love men.

The Tantra Love Festivals are all about love, exploration, connection, and shared ecstatic experiences.

Come and indulge, be yourself, be loved exactly as you are, forge deep friendship with like-minded guys, explore together, and do just as much Tantra as you like.

The Tantra Love Festivals take you on a relaxed, playful and celebratory journey into Tantra.

Dozens of amazing workshops and experiences. Up to 130 men to play with. Five days that will change your life and open your heart to entirely new possibilities of spiritual connection and transformation.

This is what you can expect

A Wide Array of Amazing Tantra Workshops
Ecstatic Rituals and Experiences
Mindblowing Meditations, Tantric Yoga, and Related Disciplines
Inspiring International Teachers
Up to 130 Very Special Men To Connect and Play With
Lots and Lots of Touch, Cuddles, and Tantric Massage
Tasty Homemade Vegetarian Food
Hot Tub Spa & Sauna to Relax
 Beautiful Venue in the Midst of Nature

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Festival Workshops & Experiences

At the Tantra Love Festivals, we bring you the world's best Men-to-Men Tantra.

Each year, we carefully select for you a unique combination of the best teachers, workshops, and experiences currently available worldwide. We have had teachers from the UK, Europe, the US, Canada, and South America, each bringing their unique version of Tantra and related disciplines.

Each year is unique and different, but here are some of the workshops we have had over the last few years:

The Tantric Bliss Toolkit - Breath, Ecstasy, Passionate Brothers
The Multi-Orgasmic Man - What You Really Want - Tantric Erotic Massage
Opening to the Freedom of the Heart - Touch, Flex, Flow - Tantric Cuddle Share

Tantric Energy Healing - Intense Sensation and Ecstasy - Separating Orgasm from Ejaculation - Conscious Power Exchange - Erotic Playfighting - Journey Through The Senses - The Power of Letting Go - Traditional Kriya Tantra - Meeting Your Inner Essence - Sacred Sound ImmersionRiding The Breath of Life - Bodyflow Massage - Tantric Shiatsu - Transcendence: A High Tantric Ritual - Your Pathway to Super Orgasms The Healing Body Activation - Tantric Bathing Ritual - Mantra Concert - Working with the Chakra System - From Fear To Love - Ecstatic Self-Pleasuring - Erotic Body Painting - Shamanism: Elements and Animal Spirits - Creating Sacred Soundscapes - Tantric Mediumship - The Natural Health Matrix: - Flogging for Fun and Erotic Connection - Shamanic Journeying - Tantric Meditations - TheAlchemy of Yoga - Exploration of Drag - Conscious Surrender - Rough Body Play - Sensual Massage - I Am Light - Body, Colour and Movement - Euphoria - Play Parties - Self- and Energy Management - Sensual Chakra Massage

Festival Features

Venue: The Tantra Love Festival East 2018 will be held in the fantastic Easton Mountain Retreat Centre, in the Hudson Valley, Upstate New York, within a convenient 3 hours drive from New York City, Boston, or Montreal. We have exclusivity to the venue - which means we can indulge, play, and totally be ourselves!


Accommodation: You have the choice of Easton Mountain's wide range of accommodation - Ensuite Semi-Private Rooms, Ensuite Quad Rooms, and much more. For the price-conscious, we offer Glamping and Camping. Click here to see our accommodation options.

Food: Easton Mountain's heart-warming vegetarian food receives rave reviews from our festival goers. Your food ticket gives you full board: Breakfast, lunch, dinner with dessert, afternoon cake, and 24/7 refreshments.

Spa and SaunaEarth Spirit's Hot Tub and Sauna are great places to unwind and relax. Open during the day and late into the evening - perfect places to indulge in the warmth, ease away any tensions and relax with new-found friends.