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How to Start

Becoming a TantraLove Group Facilitator is easy, fun, and life-changing

Just click here to fill in a short questionnaire - and you're on your way!!

We will contact you within 5 working days to schedule a Skype interview with you.


After the Initial Interview, This Is How It Works

If your interview is successful, we will put you through our unique and fun TantraLove Group Facilitator Training Course.

The Training Course is fully online, and you can do it from your home.

It costs £450 / $598.

It consists of:
27 video lessons covering all you need to know.
Regular homework to complete.
4 one-to-one training sessions with Jason or Ingo.
Regular review sessions with your supervisor - a senior facilitator.

You can finish the course in your own time (minimum 1 month, maximum 6 months).

As your final assignment of your Training Course, you will set up, organise and hold your first event.

Upon successful completion of the Training Course and successful production of your first event, you will be officially invited to join our TantraLove Facilitator family.


Once a TantraLove Group Facilitator, Enjoy These Benefits:

You will be a full facilitator with us, and be listed on our website.

You will hold one event per month.

You will earn money as per our financial model.

You will receive personal monthly supervision with Jason & Ingo.

You will have access to all our resources, admin, and support, including:
Detailed content and teaching plan for each session.
Our existing client base of 2500+ men.
Our marketing, advertising, and website.
Our unique social network.
Our dedicated admin team.
Ongoing supervision, support, trouble-shooting and professional development.
Are You Ready To Start? Wait No Longer!