TantraLove Group Facilitator - How It Works

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This Is How It Works

By becoming a TantraLove Facilitator, you become part of the Tantra4GayMen family.

You hold short Tantra group events - typically 3hr evenings - once per month in your local area, based on our teaching plans.

You build your local group of Tantric men.

And you earn money - up to $1,000 (£800) per event


To Make This Work ...

WE will bring you our unique know-how, resources, marketing, and ongoing support:
YOU will need to bring your passion, love and commitment:


This Is What We Will Bring You

Our Unique Training and Practical Knowledge
We will provide you with all the know-how that you need to be capable, comfortable and empowered to run these events.
Detailed Content and Teaching Plans for Each Session
For each session, you will get an easy-to-implement, step-by-step and complete teaching plan, full of fantastic sensual exercises, all carefully worked out and tried and tested by us.
Our Existing Client Base of 2500+ Men
We will promote your events to all of our clients. These men are just waiting for your event!

Our Marketing, Advertising and Website

We have a long established and highly sophisticated marketing machine, across a wide array of social media.

We will use this machine to promote your events so the clients will come your way!


Our Unique Social Network

1500+ Tantric men are organised in our own Social Network. Use this network to get the best men to your events!


Our Dedicated Admin Team

Our dedicated administration team will do your admin for you!

They will put up your events on the website, process your bookings, organise your marketing, and more!


Ongoing Supervision, Support, Trouble-Shooting, and Professional Development

You will get a monthly personal supervision session with Jason or Ingo.

In this session, we will look after all that you need:

Goings-on in your groups: Support and trouble-shooting.

Your continuing personal development as a facilitator.

And much more ...




A Deep Inner Calling, Love, And Compassion

Do you feel an inner calling to work with men on an intimate level?

Do you feel love and compassion when you witness men open up to new dimensions of experience?

If yes, then this is for you.


Readiness To Invest Some Time And Energy Into A Really Fascinating Part-Time Career

This is not a full-time job, but ideal as a part-time career.

You will need invest time and energy - a few hours per week - to make this work.


Willingness To Work Within Our Ethics and Boundaries

For us at Tantra4GayMen, ethical practice is paramount. See here.

You need to be ready to work within this ethical framework.


Passion And Commitment

Building a local community of committed men can take time and require patience.

You need to be passionate and committed to make this work.


Readiness To Put In Some Local Admin Work

There are some parts of the work that we cannot do for you.

This includes:

PR and advertising in your local area.

Organising a venue.

Communication with your clients.

To be successful, you need to be willing to put this work in.


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