A 4 day Online Celebration of Tantra & Love with other men around the world.
The TantraLove Online Festival is a 4 day Online event. Attend over 23 workshops in Europe & USA timezones from a very talented team of teachers. This is where you can explore your erotic body, indulge in sensual pleasure, grow spiritually and have some mind-blowing experiences. Attend workshops, opening and closing ceremonies, personal sharing circles and a virtual hang out room. Round it all off with the Cabaret and Disco. All the features of the TantraLove Festival, just Online!   
  • 23 workshops over a 4 day period covering all topics related to Tantra. 
  • Opening & Closing Ceremony with Daily Sharing Circles.
  • A virtual Hang Out room to share a cup of tea and meet the other participants.
  • A fun night with Festival Cabaret hosted by Jason & Disco hosted by DJ Jakey. 
  • Daily Meeting so you can see what’s coming up each day. 
  • Learn and discover Tantra from various global teachers. 
  • Make new friends and share with other men around the globe.
  • Meditation, Massage, Energy, Sexy & Spiritual Workshops - Feel Refreshed! 
  • Learn new techniques that you can integrate into your day to day life. 
  • Feel part of a global family with group sharings and a virtual hang out room. 
  • Have Fun! Laugh, google, dance and move, feel good at the Festival Disco night. 


What times are the workshops? 
The workshops are designed for best participation for the UK, Europe and the East & West Coast of the USA. In the UK they start at 12noon until late, and on the West Cost they start early each day and go on til 9pm. Wherever you are in these time zones there are workshops during your day and evening.   
Who can attend this? 
The Online Festival is open to all men who love men. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new to Tantra and always been interested or that you are a seasoned and experienced Tantric. The workshops are designed to support you regardless of your experience. 
How much does it cost?
The festival is offered as part of our TantraLove Academy, see here: - - the academy costs $25 per month. To attend you’ll just need to be a member of the Academy when the festival starts. We ask for you to be a member of the Academy for at least 6 months to support your Festival ticket ($150). Of course you are free to leave at any time, but when you stay you’ll get access to 100+ Live Tantra Workshops each month.   
How does it work? 
All subscribers of the TantraLove Academy (which you will need to be to attend the festival, subscribe here: - will get a joining message in the App giving them instructions about the Festival. We will list all of the programmes in the events section of the App. Each event will tell you which time it is, and how to join that workshop or event. There will also be a link to the “virtual hang out room” where you can share a cup of tea with the other festival participants and share a chat. You’ll need to have a zoom account (free) and a good internet connection.  
Do I have to attend all of the workshops? 
The TantraLove Online Festival is full a 4 day programme of lots of different workshops. The beauty is that you do not need to attend them all, just pick the ones that work for you and go along to those. Each day there is an daily meeting so that you can hear about the programme coming up, meet the teachers and meet the other festival participants. But, we appreciate you might be juggling other commitments and so you are free to attend as little or as much as you would like.