Festival Venue



This time, we are taking you to perhaps the biggest address of the British spiritual world - Glastonbury! EarthSpirit lies within the ‘temenos’ (sacred enclosure) of Avalon.


Our Festival Venue is located within the sacred enclosure of the mythical Glastonbury landscape of Avalon. It is a landcape infused with spiritual energies and spiritual history, myths, legends, ley-lines, and archaeological artefacts.


It also is a romantic and quintessentially English village which has become a colourful, lively and vibrant stronghold of many New Age communities, ashrams, and spiritual events.


For us (Jason and Ingo) Glastonbury represents a full circle come true: It is one of these places that feel like our spiritual home - this is where we got married in 2012.


The Festival Venue - called Earth Spirit - itself is located in an isolated corner of the Glastonbury landscape, 5 miles from downtown Glastonbury, in beautiful countryside and serene nature, between two hills and adjacent to a nature reserve. We will have the entire venue and the surrounding lands for ourselves, so you can be free and be whoever you want to be. And still, we can dive into and work with the special spiritual energy of the Glastonbury landscape.

Earth Spirit is a complex of 17th Century farm buildings, beautifully restored and specially converted into a centre for spiritual growth. They have a medieval feeling, with oak timbers, reed torching, and stone walls, but with a light and airy atmosphere and comforts such as workshop spaces with under-floor heating, a fantastic indoor dining area and tea room to socialise, and a spa with a large jacuzzi and a 10-men sauna. All of this is set within seven acres of private land with gardens, fields, and woodlands.