Festival Programme



The festival begins on Saturday, 26 Aug 2017 at 5pm and ends on Wednesday, 30 Aug 2017 at 3pm. You can arrive and check in on the Saturday from 3pm, and we would ask you to leave the premises by Wednesday, 3pm.


Days will start with morning meditation and yoga – we have laid on a programme of beautifully facilitated meditations both active and silent, and of different styles of yoga, so there is plenty of new things to learn and every day is different. The choice is yours!


Then it’s time for our buffet breakfast (including hot option) – hang out with your friends and have your breakfast wherever you’d like.

After breakfast, we will offer one or several morning group sessions in the Main Event, The Tantra Temple and the Discovery Zone – these cover varied and exciting topics, such as different types of massage, spiritual practices, workshops in nature, sacred sexuality, energy work, and more.


The programme is very varied and we will make announcements about the programme and which teachers are attendng throughout the year. Click Here to read the latest news

Then it’s for lunch, followed by a break. In the early afternoon it's time for the sharing circles to come together – a great way to chat about your experiences and make new friends.


Our afternoon group sessions then delve right into Tantra – each day we’ll do a session on a different topic, such as tantric massage, traditional tantra, visualization, orgasm, and much much more. All sessions are suitable for everyone from total beginners to seasoned tantrics.


After a dinner and some time off, it’s then time for our evening entertainment – indulgent Tantric ritual evenings with Jason and Ingo, or Body Play with Frank, or Orgasm with Barbara, and last but not least our cabaret evening where you are invited to share your most flamboyant self with everyone.


or the times where you don’t feel like taking part in a workshop, and of course for the evenings, there’s plenty to do or to relax. We will have our Pool Spa and Sauna to hang out in. There will also be a lounge and a coffee bar to have some good  

banner-features-jacuzzi.jpgThere is beautiful woodland. The Tantric Temple will be available to offer you treats from the Tantric Angels, or be a place to hang out and connect with others.