Festival News



Welcome to our Festival News page where I'm excited to announce our festival teachers!


What is the relationship between our Bonobo Brothers & Tantra? What behaviours do Bonobo’s have that would help us resolve conflict, bond with each other? Bonobo skillfully leads us through a series of workshops that uniquely explore this beautifully. Promise you will laugh and maybe find your “wild” side.

London Faerie

Delighted to welcome our dear friend London Fairie, a purveyor of the sacred arts of kink. Faerie will lead a workshop exploring surrender, power play and elements of BDSM practice. In tantra we believe our Ecstasy is in our surrender. A festival highlight will be Faerie’s play party, not to be missed!

Rad Kaim

One of the leading yoga teachers for gay and bi men in both the UK and USA we are delighted to welcome Rad. Rad offer a delicate and beautiful exploration of Yoga. Rad fused together a playful discovery, mindfulness, challenging physical practice and inspiring philosophy. Rad helps you radically change the way you look at life and recognise the infinite possibilities of your own existence. You are just going to love him.

Michelle Crozier

I’m delighted to introduce you to Michelle. She is both highly talented and beautiful. Michelle originally trained to be an Opera Singer at The Blackheath Conservatoire of Music and when she saw Sanatam Kaur Live , she was inspired, and that's where the seed for singing Mantras was planted. Focusing on composing and recording Mantras, Chants and Shamanic music varying from sound healing, shamanic drumming /sounding and singing Mantras, Michelle will offer us a Mantra Concert, and Live music for a beautiful tantric Ritual facilitated by Jason. 

Cloe Jackson

Dance Your Naked truth and Dance Your Naked Paint Truth are the workshops that Cloe will offer us. Passionate, vibrant and full of the energy of life, Cloe will lead you through these ecstatic and energy lifting workshops. Be prepared to shower afterwards as you explore and express yourself freely and openly all within the container of a sacred space.

Nick Cox

Diploma graduate, Nick offers us 3 workshops, knitting, massage and finding your inner drag queen. Nick a beautifully hearted, open and generous soul shares with you his love of knitting, of touch with men, and the courage to explore the parts of you that only you show in private. You’ll learn basic massage moves, first steps in knitting, and express yourself in ways you never knew existed. 


A massage master in daily practice offers you a variety of massage and touch based workshops to share with other men. His experience in traditional massage practice fused together with elements of Tantric Massage will leave you relaxed, exhilarated and touched!   

Tomaz Mueller

Ayurvedic Master, author and media personality Tomaz Mueller will offer us a workshop on "Increased Awareness, A Journey Through The Senses",  based on his in depth studies in Vedic Science and over 25 years of personal experience.
Jason, founder of Tantra4GayMen and co-festival organiser with Ingo will lead several workshops during the festival. These will include A high Tantric Ritual of Love, an Ecstatic Surrender Workshop along with a variety of other Tantra Workshops that will bring you inter deeper intimacy with yourself and others base don some of the video from his collaboration with Davey Wavey
Ingo co-founder of Tantra4GayMen and co-Festival organiser will offer Tantric Meditation each morning. As well as supporting Jason in some of the Tantric workshops offered. Ingo will also co-facilitate the opening and closing ceremonies and support the morning meetings. 
10yr old Staffordshire Bull Terrier cross with Patterderdale Terrier, Harvey will be holding daily satsang in the Dog Petting Zone. Kisses, lick, belly rubs, cuddles, chew stick and his favourite tennis ball will all be available for you to engage with him each day in the meditation of Love. Sometimes you just can’t beat a cuddle with a dog.