The Core Teacher Training are 3x9 day residential retreats held once per year. You can join at any time. In this Core Teacher Training, the content is best classified into 3 main topics. 
  • Topic 1: Tantra - Mastering The Practices.
  • Topic 2: Teaching - Guiding Groups and Individuals through Growth and Transformation.
  • Topic 3: Business - Making Tantra a Success Story in Your Life.
In addition to the Core Teacher Training you will also complete our Diploma in Tantra which is comprised of 3x 7 days residential retreats. We recommend that you only take 1 Diploma mobile per year, and at a maximum 1 core teacher training module per year.
Here is more information about the Core Teacher Training Modules and below this is further information on the Diploma in Tantra.  

Topic 1: Tantra - Mastering The Practices

Learn to master, from the perspective of a prospective teacher, the best of what is currently available in Neo-Tantra - both through the Tantra4GayMen approach and beyond.
We will teach you, conceptually and experientially, a wide, varied and exciting array of:
  • Practices
  • Techniques
  • Exercises
  • Processes
  • and Rituals
that are used in our approach to Neo-Tantra - with a focus on fostering growth and transformation within the client, both in teacher-to-group and in teacher-to-individual settings.
Our teaching schedule focuses on the most salient topics that Tantra groups and retreats are typically conceptualised around: 
  • Sex and Heart
  • Intimacy and Connection
  • Touch and Massage
  • Ecstasy and Orgasm
  • Healing and Release
  • Power and Surrender
  • Meditation and Spiritual Practice
  • Mystical Dimensions
  • Peak Experiences and Bliss
Topic 2: Teaching - Guiding Groups and Individuals through Growth and Transformation
Learn to teach Tantra as a path for spiritual, sexual and personal growth, development and transformation, both to groups and individuals.
We will empower you to hold your own groups and processes, develop your own content, and find your own teaching style and Teacher identity within yourself - grounded in profound knowledge and experience in Neo-Tantra, but authentically YOU.
Our teaching focuses on the following key topics that you'll need to master to truly hold people in Tantra: 
  • Facilitating Personal Growth: Techniques and Approaches
  • Holding Transformational Processes: For Groups and for Individuals
  • Working with Personal, Sexual & Spiritual Problems: Where & How Tantra Can Help
  • Tantric Coaching and Counselling: Skills and Techniques
  • Specific Client Issues in Tantra: Approaches and Solutions
  • Ethical Practice: Boundaries, Consent, Safe Space, and beyond.
  • Intuitive Spiritual Guidance: Principles and Practice
  • Teaching Styles: How to Develop Your Own
  • Tantric Sessions, Courses and Retreats: Concepts, Planning and Design
  • Practical Perspectives: Everything you need to know to set up your own retreats
Topic 3: Business - Making Tantra a Success Story in Your Life
Learn how to make Tantra a success story in your life - through creating Tantra offerings according to your individual aspirations, adapted to the lifestyle you want to create for yourself.
Whether it's community events, retreats, offerings at Festivals, a fully fledged Tantra-based business, or something completely new and different - you will need certain hands-on skills to bring your Tantra into the world, to manifest your dreams, to live the lifestyle, and to make it happen.
Our teaching schedule focuses on everything you need to know to truly manifest what you aspire to:
  • Creating a Practitioner Practice
  • Event Delivery
  • Building a Business in the Personal Development World
  • Your Business, Your clients, and You: Marketing, Branding, Identity, and Beyond
  • Finding Your Followers and Creating Community
  • Practical Perspectives: All You Need to Know
  • Tantric Personal Development Modules


The Diploma in Tantra is comprised of 3x1 week residential retreats. Each week has a difference theme: 
  • Ecstasy and Orgasm.
  • Healing and Surrender.
  • The Divinity of Bliss.
These modules are designed to be your personal path of Tantric growth and transformation during your Teacher Training. We strongly believe that only those who have walked the Tantric path themselves can teach others to do so. In the Tantra world, have you ever encountered these persons who radiate a special energy and you just feel that they have done the work on themselves? We believe that everyone who wants to teach needs to work on themselves to reach that level of Tantric mastery. This is what these modules are designed for. 
Completion of these three modules entitle you to an additional certification of our Diploma in Tantra. The Teacher Training certificate is only awarded on completion of all 6 modules.  
Additional Information about our Teaching
We teach Neo-Tantra as a fusion of ancient and modern practices taken from multiple disciplines. We teach Tantra as a system of personal development that encompasses the body, our sexuality, intimacy, and methods from modern coaching and psychology, but also meditation, ecstatic practices, energy work, intuitive mediumship, and a strong focus on mystical dimensions and experiences.
Tantra, for us, is way beyond and so much more than the ‘Tantra techniques’ and ‘Tantric massages’ that you might have encountered in the marketplace. Our training is beyond learning conventional tantric techniques and massage. Our process is a lot broader and wider and encompasses powerful and comprehensive ways to guide men through a complete process of personal development.
Ethical practice is fundamental to what we teach and who we are. Being a Tantra Teacher, to us, means to create safe ethical spaces in which men can grow, heal, and blossom. Holding safe space and impeccable ethical practice - these are not just words for us, but they pervade all of our teaching and being.
You will learn to use your own life experience to guide men through their journey to healing, their higher self, and to inner freedom.
You will be part of an inner circle of global Tantra Teachers - spiritual warriors on a mission to redefine what it means to be a man who loves men. 
We at Tantra4Gaymen are currently redefining what it means to live Tantra. Through our events, Festivals, and communities, we are bringing on entirely new possibilities of what it means to live love and community among spiritually inclined men who love men. When you join us, you will never be alone again. You will join a community, a small and intimate, but rapidly growing global movement of Tantra Teachers who are passionate and dedicated to create meaningful change in our community and the world.
Our way of teaching is unique and very much unlike your standard classroom experience:
It's experiential, interactive, and with lots and lots of hands-on learning-by-doing.