The Tantra Coach Training consists of 6 modules.
3 modules taught by Jason and Ingo Tantra which is your personal journey of Tantra, called our Diploma in Tantra. This is a most profound and ecstatic life changing journey of Neo-Tantra. This is your personal journey with Tantra. We believe you can only truly hold space for others when you have been through the experience yourself.
The other 3 modules are taught by Jason Tantra and Finn Deerhart which is a Tantra Coach training, focusing on your ability to hold space for others. This is specifically designed as a training for you to hold space for others, to be in service to others. The training is structured around learning techniques and practices and holding space for others while receiving valuable feedback.
As a whole, this combined, multi-discipline training will offer you valuable insights about your personal journey into Tantra and will uplevel or jump start your ability to serve as you hold spaces of profound depth for yourself and others.
During the Tantra Coach Training your program focuses on the following key topics that you'll need to master in order to truly hold people in Tantra:
  • Facilitating Personal Growth: Techniques and Approaches
  • Holding Transformational Processes: For Individuals or Couples
  • Working with Personal, Sexual & Spiritual Problems: Where & How Tantra Can Help
  • Tantric Coaching and Counselling: Skills and Techniques
  • Specific Client Issues in Tantra: Approaches and Solutions
  • Ethical Practice: Boundaries, Consent, Safe Space, and beyond
  • Intuitive Spiritual Guidance: Principles and Practice
  • Teaching Styles: How to Develop Your Own
  • Tantric Sessions: Concepts, Planning and Design
  • Practical Perspectives: Everything you need to know to set up your own retreats
We teach Neo-Tantra as a fusion of ancient and modern practices, taken from multiple disciplines. We teach Tantra as a system of personal development that encompasses the body, our sexuality, intimacy, and methods from modern coaching and psychology. Additionally, we include meditation, ecstatic practices, energy work, intuitive mediumship, and a strong focus on mystical dimensions and experiences.
Tantra, for us, is way beyond and so much more than the ‘Tantra techniques’ and ‘Tantric massages’ that you might have encountered in the marketplace. Our training is beyond learning conventional tantric techniques and massage. Our process is a lot broader and wider, encompassing powerfully comprehensive methods to guide men through a complete process of personal development.
Ethical practice is fundamental to what we teach and to who we are. Being a Tantra Teacher, to us, means creating safe, ethical spaces in which men can grow, heal, and blossom. Holding safe space and impeccable ethical practice--these are not just words for us; they pervade all of our teaching and being. You will learn to use your own life experience to guide men through their journey to healing, their higher selves, and to inner freedom.
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