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Take Your Tantra to the Next Level

Video Transcript:

Hello there. This time I’d like to talk to you about taking your Tantric practice to the very next level.

Now, if you’re watching this, maybe you’ve already been along to some massage evenings, maybe you’ve been through to some kind of basic introductory Tantra type workshops or events. There’s lots of those out there, and they’re all really good stuff. And for me they’re really good because they help you to get some of the basics; for example, how to work with intimacy, how to explore saying yes and no, and bringing you into kind of sensual connection with other men within the Tantric space and also kind of learning, you know, to let go of fear, not being frightened, being comfortable.

And for me, once you kind of get to that place then one of the questions will be, well what’s next, or maybe you’ve started to experience some of the orgasmic techniques that’s been really good. And it might be that you start to feel like you hit a ceiling, and there’s the question around what’s next. And for me all of the stuff I’ve talked about already is actually just one percent of potentially what’s available in front-row.

Now if you’re watching this you’re going to hear me talking about our Diploma in Tantra program, which is a three-year program of one week per year. And Ingo and I who teach the Diploma program, we’ve designed three very different weeks that kind of take you deeply, profoundly into experiences that you have not had before. You’re going to be experiencing sensations of orgasm that are so expanded through your whole body, if I was to try and convey the experience to you, it would quite literally blow your mind.

If you talk to any of my previous Diploma students, they would be like, “oh my god the things that we were asked to do and the things that we did were so profound that I think the thing I love about the diploma program is that it touches you and changes you and changes your life forever there’s kind of no going back. It’s like you break through something, you break through all of the stuff that holds you back and break through into new, more free, more ecstatic, more blissful places.”

Now not only does taking your practice to the next level, not only does it include having those new experiences, but it also involves learning about yourself in a much deeper, much more profound, much more beautiful way. And it’s like you meet yourself, or kind of learn to love yourself, even more deeply, even more beautifully than you have ever done before.

And the beauty of this Diploma in Tantra is that not only are you having that experience yourself but you’re also sharing it with 17 other men. And we actually do limit the numbers to a group of 18. The reason being is we want to provide you with the best hunt row. And you kind of develop, for a better word, like a brotherhood with these other men that are having very similar, very shared experiences with you.

So for me, if you’ve had Tantric massage, I think that’s brilliant; and if you’ve done some sort of like breath work, orgasmic work, that’s really, really brilliant. And I think what Ingo and I are able to offer you is that next step, is into what we call a complete training in Neo-Tantra.

So, not only you’re going to be learning in the first week all about the masculine, all about ecstasy, all about orgasm. Actually in the second week it’s all going to be about the feminine; and the feminine is one aspect that’s not actually talked about that much in Tantra. But you’re going to learn very deeply, very profoundly, about surrender and you’re also going to learn about the bliss that comes through surrender. And then in our third week, again bringing both the masculine and feminine energies together, is an explosive formula, where when I talked to some of our previous students who’ve done this third week, they’re still touched by it a year later.

So if you’d like a complete training in Tantra; if you’d like complete, mind-blowing, explosive experiences of Tantra and you really are hungry for a journey of exploration, then we’ve got just the right thing for you. And you’re very very welcome to come and join us in our Diploma program.

Very much look forward to the opportunity of meeting you. Thank you.

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