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This is an Online place to meet and exchange with other like-minded men that are interested in Love, the fusion of Sexuality & Spirituality. This is a place where men want to share more deeply, more intimate and loving connections in a non-judgmental space. It’s a place for men that are interested in Tantra and all its associated practices. We want to support and maintain a community of men to help Tantra become a lifestyle connected in Love, Intimacy and Bliss.

Get Started

Step 1 – Create A Profile

Click Here to create your profile. When you create you profile we highly recommend to upload one or more photos of yourself. As you create your profile, try to answer the profile questions as fully as possible. Doing both of these will ensure that when others users view your profile, they will be much more likely to engage with you.

Once you’ve created your profile it will need to be reviewed before you will be authorised to join our Social Network. This is because we sometimes get SPAM accounts and sometimes a profile will breach our Terms and Conditions. Click Here to read the Using Our Website section of our T&C’s.

Step 2 - Profile Approved

Once your profile has been approved you’ll be sent an email to advise you. It will give you a onetime link to set your password which you’ll need together with your email address to login in future. Typically, we will approve your account within 24 to 72 hours. If you want to chase the status or have any problems with the profile creation or password setting, please email us info@tantra4gaymen.co.uk

Step 3 – Use, Enjoy & Some Basic Functions

image-activity-feed.jpg Activity Wall

Just like Facebook your activity wall is your own personal wall. Here you will see all of your posts as well as all of those from your friends. You can post comments, links to other website and upload your own photos. You can also Like and Comment on your friend’s posts. When you login into the Social Network you will immediately be taken to your Activity Wall. To access your Activity Feed, just click on the symbol shown towards the top right hand corner of the screen. 


Friends and Groups Menu

Hover or Click on the Activity Wall button and a mini sub menu appears offering you the option to see your friends, find users, see the groups you are subscribed to and to search the directory of public groups on specialist subjects. 


image-friends-bar.jpgMy Friends

This shows you all of your friends on the Social Network. When you join you are automatically friends with Jason and Ingo. Friends means that their posts will show in your Activity Feed as described above and if their online the same time as you they’ll show in the Online Chat window on the bottom right of your screen. When you send a friend request the other person will receive an email to accept or decline your offer. When you click on “My Friends” you’ll see your current friend list, and click on the other tabs to see friend requests that you received and sent. 

image-find-users.jpgFind Users

Here you can Find Users of the Social Network from anywhere in the world. To Find Users just click on the Activity Wall symbol towards the top right hand corner of the screen and click on find users. Then tailor your search towards the location you want, maybe to where you live, or, to somewhere where you are travelling. You can also filter your search by whose online now and who has joined in the last 30 days. 


My Groups

This is where the groups you belong to are listed. On the Social Network there are ‘Public’ groups that any members can join. To see the groups you are subscribed to, just click on the Activity Wall symbol towards the top right hand corner of the screen and click on my groups. Public groups are on a variety of topics such as Massage Exchange or on other related Tantric Topics. There are also Secret Tantric Groups which are used to support the workshops and events we offer. When you book to come along to one of our events, there will be a secret group for all the members of that event. You are automatically subscribed to the event group when your boking is processed and we will message you say you have been subscribed to this group.  When you join the secret group you can meet the other participants beforehand, maybe arrange travel sharing, and you can also ask questions about the event. It’s also the place to stay in contact with members afterwards. Why not friend them and then you can remain in touch. For ‘Secret’ groups, they will be closed 3 to 6 months after the event with everyone’s permission.  

If you would like to leave a group just click on “unsubscribe from group” within the group window.

When anyone posts into any groups you are subscribed to you’ll receive a message in the social network and an email notification. 

Find Groups

There is a list of ‘Public’ groups that are open to everybody on a range of different topics, i.e. massage exchange or other topics.   To see all possible groups just click on the Activity Wall symbol towards the top right hand corner of the screen and click on “Find Groups”. Here you will see a list of all the public groups.

To join a group, just click on “Join” and send us a message to request permission to join. We typically review all join request within 24 to 72 hours and you will receive an email  

If you would like to create a group, just email us info@tantra4gaymen.co.uk with your suggestion.

If you would like to leave a group just click on “unsubscribe from group” within the group window.

When anyone posts into any groups you are subscribed to you’ll receive a message in the social network and an email notification. 

image-inbox.jpg Inbox

The Social Network features your very own Message Inbox. Here you can send messages to other members, send hugs and you will receive messages for all kinds of things. When someone sends you a message, sends you a hug, you are approved to join a group, a group you are subscribed to is updated, or you get a copy of our newsletter. To acess your Inbox, just click on the Inbox Symbol towards the top right of the website page. 

You can also see your sent messages and all messages that you have received or sent. As part of a tidy Social Network, any notifications you receive are deleted after 3 months and any personal messages are deleted after 1 year.

For any workshops or events you are subscribed to, we will send you the joining instructions to your message inbox. 


Edit Profile

Want to make changes to your profile? Just click or hover on “Hello Your First Name” and a “Edit Profile” box will appear. Click on that and here you can change your screen name, password, email address, change your photos, your geographical location, your profile descriptions and other items.

If you need any help to make changes you can email us at info@tantra4gaymen.co.uk

As part of a tidy Social Network we will delete any profiles that have not been used for 6 months. We will send out a warning message beforehand and to keep your profile all you will need to do is to login to the website. 


Online Chat

This is an option to chat real time to your friends when you are both online. Just click on the (Chat) box and it will show you which of your friends are online. Then click on them, and start to chat away. 

Step 4 – Things We Do

Tantric Buddies – over the next few months we will be trialling a new idea called “Tantric Buddies”. The idea being that all members of the social network (depending on the number of volunteers) will be allocated a Tantric Buddy. Tantric Buddies are designed to be a human interaction to help you get the most of our Social Network and to get the most out of Tantra. They’ll check in with you from time to time, answer questions you might have and make suggestions on how to make the best use of the Social Network from usability questions to making amendments to your profile. We’ll message you on the Social Network when you have been allocated a Tantric Buddy.  

Workshop & Events Bookings – When you book to join a workshop or event you will receive a notification into your Social Network Inbox. Then as the workshop or event joining instructions are sent out, these will be sent to your inbox on the Social Network and you will receive an email notification to let you know. Each event will have its own secret group and you’ll receive a notification in that group that we have issued the joining instructions.

Newsletters – From time to time Jason and Ingo will send you a newsletter to do with all aspects of the Social Network and what is happening across Tantra4GayMen as whole. This will be sent to your inbox as a message. It will also include suggestions on how to get the most out of the Social Network and from Tantra as a whole.

Step 5 – Common Problems

Forgotten Password? Click Here to get a password reset link emailed to you.

Further problems, just email us at info@tantra4gaymen.co.uk