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Reiki and Yoga Meet Tantra

Video Transcript:

Hello there, it’s Jason Tantra here and today I wanted to talk to you about the idea of where Reiki and Tantra actually meet each other. Now when I was 18, which was one or two years ago, decades, I used to go to in England we have this thing called the Spiritualist Church and I stayed with the Spiritualist Church for about 10 years, and it’s a religious order or religious church that promote, trains mediums, clairvoyants and what it was called at that time was spiritual healing.

I spent 10 years with the Spiritualist Church, jumped through all kinds of hoops, trained as a spiritual healer. trained as a medium, spent a lot of time in closed circles and this was the the place where I actually learned a lot about energy. In my Tantra teaching today actually a lot of the stuff that I learned about energy comes back from those days.

Now for me in the ten thousand men that I’ve taught over the last twelve to twelve years the one thing that I’ve noticed is that somebody that’s very open to energy is going to get the best experience in Tantra and for me there’s a question of why is that? For me where Reiki, if any of you have done like Reiki One or Reiki Two, done any work with energy and also I would say that this also applies to yoga as well any of you that have done yoga Pratt that start to open energy actually what I notice in the Tantra workshops is the availability of those people to have more profound experiences of energy through their whole body.

Let me explain a little bit more. From my understanding around spiritual healing you kind of bring this white energy and the universal law is the energy follows thought so even as I’m talking maybe you want to try that now kind of pulling in this white energy and I go through in my exercises ways to actually bring that energy into your body and to kind of play with that and when you bring in that white energy it’s like a vibration we call it universe or energy, it’s an energy that’s greater than the human being greater than your ego then greater than who you are on a day to day is and you could believe that is universal energy coming in you could also believe that as a higher part of yourself coming in and for me you know we use in Tantra we use spiritual energy we absolutely use all the love in our heart and we also use our sexual energy.

Actually Tantra’s not just about sexual energy, it’s about those three it’s about sex love and spirit in equal proportions, no one is more or less a higher priority than the other. Now in your early days of a Tantric journey the first thing in my teaching that I would be inviting you to learn to experience is what I call the ecstatic body and this is the way where you start to bring in this white energy and it’s a way of raising the vibration of the body so that it’s open and sensitive and that your attention is listening for the experiences of ecstasy basically you’re listening for the experiences of ecstasy and it’s not in word format and it’s not in in in anything you’ll see it’s very much a felt experience that goes through your whole body and for me in my teaching this is probably one of the early things that you’ll ever learn with me is about your ecstatic body.

Now if you have a history of Reiki or you have a history of yoga you are absolutely going to get this so much more quickly because this is the next layer of Tantra – Reiki. So Reiki is about being in universe or energy bringing that into your body, the next step from that for me is if you’re able to then take that and embody that bring that into your body more and this is what I call it’s a technique that I’ve kind of perfected over the years about the ecstatic body now for some when you see it it might look a bit crazy but actually it’s about bringing breath sound movement to to the sensations that you feel in your body and people when they experience it described it as electricity going through their whole body and it just alike it’s sheer ecstasy it’s like the best sex you’ve ever had coursing through your whole body and the thing I love about this is that it is embodied it’s something that’s happening in the body and it’s would you believe just a foundation stone of the Tantra of the spirit of the practice of Tantra that kind of goes on after that.

So I just kind of wanted to talk today a little bit about energy a little bit about Reiki yoga and how they fit in with a relationship with Tantra and for me you know yoga in itself is a pathway to enlightenment I go to Rishikesh in India often and that’s the home of yoga but I think that at some point on a yogic pathway that what Tantra does is it helps to release that energy that’s being collected in a way that is like firework night kind of rockets it through and if you have experience of doing Reiki and being in Reiki energy again for me all of the stuff you’ve done there is really gonna light the taper paper of Tantra and the ecstatic energy only last weekend I was doing a workshop in Fort Lauderdale in Florida and you know there was some people in the room with an experience of Reiki and they met this ecstatic energy for the first time I have to tell you I got three paragraphs of oh my god what an experience that was so that’s how Reiki yoga and Tantra all meet together come and give it a try come and meet me come and experience one of my weekend really love to show this to you okay more sing lots of love take care about them

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