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Services Description
Project Assistant

Homeworker - salary: negotiable (depending on experience) and 10+ hours per week.


Providing project assistance in a whole wide-range of projects. As directed, being able to complete a whole wide varied range of project related tasks that are as broad as they are long. No essential experience needed but definitely a step by step based approach that is logical and makes sense. Previous Project Assistance experience is desirable. Current examples of projects range from testing our new app, helping get designs ready for website improvements, work with our back office team to shape new offerings or to liaise to create new content. This is an incredibly interesting role and would suit someone looking for something interesting and varied.  


Role Includes: -

  • Liaising with back office team members and others to create new content or to ask them to complete tasks (as per their job description). 
  • Many administration type tasks that are collating information and drawing out the summaries. 
  • Implementing actions that have been agreed based on the data that was collected. 
  • Taking a direction and doing the research, asking questions, fact finding and presenting this back for decision making. 
  • As directed, implementing what has been agreed.
  • Researching ideas and ways to proceed.
  • Liaising with different teams, experts, providers and web developers. 

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Tantra4GayMen, one of the leading Tantra Schools both in the UK. We are at a very exciting time in our evoultion. Having been granted our US Visa we are seeking to grow and expand our offering into the USA. We need support to help assist us with our projects.


Tantra4GayMen is dedicated to the personal, spiritual and sexual growth of men who love men through the practice of Tantra. Therefore, in applying for this role you will need to be comfortable working with content of an adult nature for gay and bisexual men. You’ll need an open mind to our work and our approach.


We would like someone to join us who would be responsible for assisting and helping us to move some of our projects forward. Often you will not “know” what to do or necessarily have experience, that is what is exciting about this role because you never know what is coming next. You’ll need to be comfortable treading into waters where you have no experience, but have a common sense approach and of course you will have all the support you need to ask questions, get direction. If you are looking for an interesting role, something varied and something to sink your teeth into, this is the role for you.   


You would be responsible for providing project assistance to a whole wide range varied number of project, no 2 ever looking the same.  


You will need to be organised, methodical, happy to work from home, motivated to deliver, not phased by complexity and able to offer a set number of hours per week.  


You will be fully supported by other Tantra4GayMen team as well as regular support and meetings from the CEO.   


You’ll need to be PC savy as well as being a quick learner with an attention to detail.


There is quite a transfer of knowledge required to become fully competent in this role, therefore please only apply if you are able to offer us a minimum of 1 year. We are looking for someone to offer up to 10 hours per week, dependent upon the workload.


You’ll need to be able to work alongside our existing “way of doing things” to our exacting standards, but equally we welcome your creativity and ideas to do things even better.  


Working from your own office or home you will be self-employed, paid by invoice monthly. You will need to be available for review/progress meetings vis Skype on a weekly to fortnightly basis within UK office hours.


You’ll need to be flexible, reliable, ability to work on your own, ability to work with direction, be creative and bring ideas to improve. You’ll have excellent communication skills both face to face and in written.



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Skills Required

  • Organised & Methodical. 
  • Previous Project Assistance experience desireable. 
  • Not phased by complexity. 
  • Have a “give it a go” attitude.  
  • Draft texts for different purposes (i.e. website, joining instructions). 
  • Good knowledge and use of Google Sheets & Docs. 
  • Need own PC/Laptop and mobile phone.   

To apply for this position, please send a covering letter with resume (cv) to jason@tantra4gaymen.co.uk. If shortlisted for interview, we will offer an interview via Skype. We are looking for someone to join us as soon as possible.