The Pleasures of Tantric Massage - Evenings with João in London -

Would you like to know more about Tantra?
Would you like to experience Tantric Massage with other men in a safe, respectful and friendly environment?
Would you like to live more sensually and invite more pleasure into your life?

Tantra is one of the most powerful approaches to spiritual development - an approach to living designed to bring us closer to the divine. With Tantra, we can grow safely and securely while exploring and expanding our consciousness, spirituality and sexuality.
These evenings are all about sharing Tantric Massage and enjoying the incredible pleasures that it can bring. Guided by João, you will explore and experience massage techniques and share these with other men. We will use a whole variety of rituals and approaches - all body-based, experiential and with lots and lots of pleasurable touch, according to the group’s energy, chemistry, and experience. We will also use other Tantric techniques - such as meditation, mantras, and breath - to enhance our connection and pleasure.
Key Aspects:
  • Learn and practice Tantric Massage.
  • Learn how to connect to yourself and your spirituality through pleasure.
  • Transform your sexual experience using Tantric techniques.
  • Increase your capacity for feeling, intimacy and empathy.
  • Feel deep sensual and energetic connection with like-minded men.
  • Embark on the Tantric path of sacred sexuality, which can bring enlightenment and ecstatic bliss into your life.
João - your guide:
João grew up and has lived in different cultures and continents. Throughout his life, he has studied, practiced, and taught various modalities of Bodywork, Complementary Therapy, Meditation and Tantra. This unique background has shaped his very special style - friendly, knowledgable, profound, and fun - to integrate different perspectives into his unique offering of treatments and workshops.
Whether you are a beginner or more experienced, you are welcome to this evening. You are invited to come with an open and active mind, to let the experience unfold and see what works for you.