Meet the TantraLove Festival Teachers

We have an exciting array of gifted and talented teachers who are excited to share their offerings with you. Have a look below ...


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“Tantra for me is a pathway of liberation and freedom, all by using your sexual energy as the fuel. Bliss, Ecstasy are natural states and Tantra enables you to have real experiences of those”.

Jason is the co-founder of Tantra4GayMen, and a pioneer of Tantra for gay and bisexual men. Trained as a counsellor and as a spiritual medium, and after years of professionally working with male survivors of rape and abuse, Jason met Tantra in 2006. He immediately knew that his life purpose had become clear. Since 2008, with his husband Ingo, Jason has pursued his life as an exploration of sexual and spiritual liberation. To date over 10,000 have been through Jason’s work. “I just love to enable men to have a glimpse of Bliss, the truth of who they are”.

Jason will be offering a variety of Tantra workshops based on themes of tantric intimacy, ecstasy and orgasm along with a few surprises as well. Jason will also lead silent meditation each morning.


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“I have been on a journey of personal development over the last decade, delving into many modalities and adventures. The journey has been absolutely transformative and amazing, often challenging and mind-boggling, but always full of love”

Ingo co-founded Tantra4GayMen with his beloved husband Jason. His own journey has given him the motivation to create similar experiences for other men, through tantra and meditation in particular. Ingo loves seeing people transform and become more aligned with their true nature, seeing them discover ecstasy as a way to themselves, holding their hands when they let go, and seeing the love in their eyes after a good event.


Ingo will be leading Tantric Meditation each morning, a plant medicine talk and co-leading some tantra workshops with Jason.



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“My primary life’s work is to create transformation and healing through the full, conscious embodiment of sexually ecstatic pleasure”


Brad Amberheart is a sacred intimate and ceremonial leader who has worked with thousands of people worldwide—primarily men—since 1997 to help re-awaken pleasure as a source of clarity, vision, and health. He founded the Moon Hearth Temple in Asheville, North Carolina, USA in 2012 to serve as as a safe place for people of all genders to gather frequently for ecstatic erotic healing and expression. He has worked and studied for 15 years with renowned Tantra teacher Rudy Ballentine, while also frequenting the healing gatherings of native tribes in North America and Siberia. His simultaneous immersions in Tantra and Earth-Based native spiritual traditions—combined with 40 years of singing and guitar-playing with his Southern grandmother—have resulted in the incorporation of magic, ritual, music, and prayer into virtually every aspect of his life’s path —especially his transformational erotic work! Click here to read more on Brad's work.


Brad will be hosting an evening of songs and erotic storytelling, teaching us about sex as prayer and holding the Naked Tantra Wrestling Tournament.



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“I love holding a man’s hand while he explores his tantric path, discovering the pleasure of erotic touch”
Tel-Aviv-born Moxe, who now lives in Barcelona, has spent many years investigating and exploring tantra and gay-tantra. Since 2010 he has been facilitating workshops, retreats and evenings around relationships, systemic work, body consciousness and massage techniques. Moxe is very passionate about his work and loves combining massage with sensual rituals for a unique whole sexual erotic experience designed to give gay men deeper strength, awareness and appreciation of their body and soul. He is an active member of the European network of Tantric Healers and Trainers- GayLoveSpirit.

Moxe has many workshop delights to share with us, including sexy witchcraft cooking where we’ll make a meal of our desires and feed each other...erotic chakra massage and a contemplative gay history meditation.


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“My Tantric path is a full passion journey to get men out of their heads and let them reconnect with their bodies and emotions”
Andreas has been a professional Tantra Therapist, Coach and Bodyworker since 2011, providing men with the opportunity to work with their sexual energy and breathing techniques to reconnect with their whole being through Kaya Awakening Massage. Andreas’ work is guided by the qualities of love, valor and compassion, and he considers it an honor to support men to connect more deeply with their inner self and to enjoy life to the fullest. He offers a variety of mens workshops, short partner Tantra massage courses, and partner coaching sessions. He is also a teacher in stress release exercises.

Andreas will be offering delicious workshops in full body tantra massage, sensitive touch massage and tantra lingham massage for deeper connection, pleasure and fun!



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“Offering Kirtan is a pleasure as I know how it can open our hearts and connect us together mind, body and soul – it is the yoga of sound”

Mark is a Kirtan leader who discovered his love and passion for Kirtan in India. It had an immediate and powerful effect, and when he returned home, he trained with Nikki Slade and now leads regularly in London. Mark has led at a yoga retreat, studios, festivals and with a group at The Southbank.

Mark will lead, joined by the wonderful Michelle Croizer on drums, this powerful Kirtan experience, bring everyone’s voices together in song and connect all those present in love. The chanting of Sanskrit mantra in a call and response style lets us drop out of our mind and into the heart, connecting us to our inner being; a place of joy and bliss. This is an opportunity to sing freely and with full expression with gratitude to the life we have, in celebration of the festival and all the connections made there.
Mark will also be holding his Deeper Into Mantra workshop for delving deeper into the meaning and experience of mantra. He will explain the simple yet powerful messages that these ancient Sanskrit mantras hold and how we can apply this to our life here and now to take us deep into our inner being beyond the mind to a place of bliss.

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“One of the purest essences of Tantra is to explore and discover whom you and your partner truly are … Do you dare to go with me into a deep sensorial experience exploring yourself and discovering totally the one in front of you? ... Do you dare? ...”
Ruhan Ishwa is based in The Netherlands, and travels around the world a variety of innovative workshops, blending the sensual power of essential oils with the realms of well-being, romance, sensuality, sexuality and eroticism, spirituality and inner transformation. He is a teacher of different aromatherapy areas and provides his own high quality emotional essences and tantric aromatic formulas.
Ruhan Ishwa will be holding a number of different workshops providing a feast for all the senses - from creating your own tantric aromatic seal for a happy sex life and attracting a partner - to learning to cuddle in a sublimely subtle and sensual way, integrating essential oils, touching and electromagnetic frequencies for a holistic, magical and a freeing experience!


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“My vision for Tantra is to enable men to find deeper awareness and connection in spaces of love and acceptance”
Steve Hopker brings 63 years of varied life experience to the Love Festival, including a career in mental health and searches for his spiritual truth (once a Methodist Local Preacher, then atheist, now Buddhist). After years of denial in married family life he came out late - and is now ever more happily gay while keeping family connections.
He began his journey in Tantra at the Love Festival UK 2016. After the London Weekend that autumn he trained as a Tantric Masseur and continues to practice in West Yorkshire. After starting the T4GM Diploma in 2017 he trained as a Facilitator and in Manchester that December delivered the first of the monthly Facilitated workshops devised by Jason Tantra For Gay and Bi Men. These have since given many men their first contact with Tantra, spaces to find deeper intimacy and connection. He is a Tantra Teacher Trainee and is anticipating another dimension to his journey through Plant Medicine later this year.
Steve’s workshop offer for the Love Festival is based on a gorgeous afternoon given in Manchester, ‘In The Name of Love’. It invites men to see how it feels to come from a place of love, rather than judgement: to sense how we can be both love and yet remain true to our feelings for another. It should be a beautiful and fun learning experience. He will also offer 1-1 massage experiences and fun informal lunchtime paper folding (Origami) sessions!

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“I experience tantra as a journey of coming home. It makes me feel alive and free. It is my passion to share this with other men on the same journey”
Armand is as a Somatic Psychotherapist, Tantric Masseur, Touch Facilitator and Teacher. He practices as an individual and group therapist for individuals seeking personal transformation or recovering from addiction. After many years working as a dance teacher, fitness trainer, and educator, his passion inspires him to seek a deeper understanding of the relationship between mind, body and spirit. Armand’s experience in movement allows him to use his creativity to restore natural movement and energy flow to the body. He brings his full passion, heart, love and high energy guiding and supporting people on their personal journey of self-discovery and empowerment.
Armand will be holding his fun Dance of the Senses workshop exploring using all your senses bringing it together in a sensual and erotic dance.  It is a journey interactively attuning to each other’s senses, energies, listening without words, exploring moving together, silently communicating intimate, erotic and tender body sensations. The workshop aims to bring more somatic awareness surrendering to a nonverbal experience, so the mind can let go and ride on the body’s pleasurable sensory currents.


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In his few years as a DJ on the Ecstatic Dance scene, Peter aka DJ Pixi Pete has made quite the splash. Mostly found on the conscious dance scene and having played festivals such as at Wilderness, Mind body Spirit, Natural high, Colourfest, and Rumble to name but a few, he has had people dancing to his sounds all over the country. Termed the “M.B.S Party Starter” and the Nine Lives Yoga “Yoga Rave’s Favourite DJ” he has made quite a reputation for himself, known for his infectious smile and his “festival fun vibes”. He lights up the faces of all ages on every dance floor and is also known for his live drumming during his sets, which adds a whole other dimension to his sets, adding sounds from either bongos, Djembe or Korg synth.
Pixie Pete will be working his magic at the festival and spinning us some dance tunes to fill the dance floor!