Multi Orgasmic Massage

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Our multi-orgasmic massage offers the possibility to reach your multiple orgasmic state. Imagine the possibility of your body shimmering, shaking and your groans of ecstasy as I take you higher and higher into your orgasmic corridor. 

This multiple orgasmic massage is about taking you on a highly sexual and ecstatic journey of orgasm.

This massage starts with some gentle body strokes to bring your awareness to your physical body and to help you feel at ease. I will then start to focus on your sexual energy and for a prolonged period will use between 30 to 40 different genital massage strokes / techniques.

My aim is to take you higher and higher into your sexual energy to a point where it can feel like you are continually cumming but in fact you are not. Welcome to your orgasmic corridor!

I will continue offering you these strokes giving you the potential to fully enjoy body orgasm after body orgasm. Your body may shake, vibrate, shimmer as you are in this place. You may be groaning in the highest state of sexual stimulation as you are taken higher and higher.

In this massage, you are invited not to ejaculate but instead to hold this energy for an ending that can enable your connection to every spiritual belief that you have. Using your sexual energy as the rocket fuel to connect with the higher realms, the higher part of yourself.

Whatever your spiritual beliefs this massage can be your access to them. Let me take you on an ecstatic, sexual and spiritual journey of this multiple orgasmic massage.