The Ultimate Tantric Massage Weekend

October, Sat 19 & Sun 20, 2019 



Ticket Price: £249




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Everything That’s Amazing About Tantric Massage Fused Into One Experience

The Ultimate Tantric Massage

Hot, Erotic and Orgasmic - Sensual, Relaxing and Blissful Immerse Yourself In A Mindblowing Massage Experience Like No Other

Join Us To Learn, Experience, and Practice This Unique Massage Infused With Ancient Tantric Secrets





Everything that’s amazing about Tantric Massage distilled into one 2-hour process: Welcome to The Ultimate Tantric Massage.

An experience like no other: Mindblowingly hot, erotic and orgasmic, yet incredibly sensual, relaxing and blissful.


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I, Jason, developed The Ultimate Tantric Massage over 10 years, during my in-depth study of secret techniques from the timeless, ancient body of Tantra. With my rigorous Tantra practice, I had these incredible experiences of sheer bliss and profound states of orgasm. I wanted to make these experiences accessible to everyone, without them having to go through the rigorous practice, but by just letting go into a massage experience.  


So I took the best of these  techniques, and distilled those into one process of just 2 hours. The Ultimate Tantric Massage was born. Thousands of men have experienced the Massage  since, with spectacular results. “Like a universal orgasm”, “the best massage experience I have ever had”, “brings the idea of sex to a whole different level” - these are some of the things clients have said about it.



This non-residential weekend is designed for you to learn The Ultimate Tantric Massage from me, Jason. It’s simpler than you think, but there are many secret tricks that you have to learn from me directly. After a few teaching sessions you will be able to practice and experience the massage by yourself, with other course participants. You will give and receive The Ultimate Tantric Massage at least once, and have lots and lots of hands-on practice and hot fun throughout the entire weekend. You will go home afterwards with a sense of awe and wonder at an experience like no other. 

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So, what does The Ultimate Tantric Massage include? On the one hand, there are many of the elements that make Tantric Massage such a hot experience:

  • Lots and Lots of Erotic Touch
  • Slow, Sensual All Over Body Massage.
  • Extended Multi Orgasmic Cock Massage
  • Prostate & Anal Massage
  • Body to Body Massage

But on the other hand, it integrates a body of Tantric techniques that are new, exciting,  arousing, and have to be experienced to be believed:

  • A body of tantric techniques called Awakened Arousal.
  • Special breathing and visualisation techniques to trigger orgasmic reactions
  • Special techniques to use physical energy to fuel your orgasmic potential.
  • And several sets of other techniques that come from Tantric meditation practices and can only be explained in a hands-on setting.

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Dates & Times: October, Sat 19 & Sun 20, 2019 -10am to 6pm.

Workshop Format: This is a 2 day, non-residential workshop. Tea/Coffee and other refreshments are included with your workshop price. On both days, we will have a noon break and go for a light lunch in a nearby cafe (not included in price).

Venue: A discreet venue in London, easily accessable via public transportation.

Ticket Price: £249

If you have any questions about this weekend, you can:

E-mail Jason: (I reply to emails within 72 hours so do check your SPAM box).

Or call Jason: +44 7941 465910.