A Tantric Lover

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A Tantric Lover

2 Hr - £180 - Bristol - A 50% deposit secures your appointment via PayPal or Bank Transfer. 

Ever wanted to have a Lover? Where the only purpose was to make and create beautiful and exquisite Love? Whether it be at the peak of sexual energy, or in the valleys of bonding together in a lying position, the only purpose of this ritual is Love. And I am willing to be your Tantric Lover! Intimate, Sensual, Curious and Erotic are all part of this Tantric Ritual.

Key Highlights: -

  • Intimate eye gazing
  • Undressing ritual
  • Body caresses
  • Awakened ecstatic energy all through your body
  • Intimate bonding practices
  • Sacred senses ritual
  • Erotic massage to awaken your sexual energy
  • Reiki Style Energy Channelling
  • Steamy Hot Shower
  • Herbal tea Refreshment

This ritual begins with moments of eye gazing. It is reputed that when you look into the eyes of another, the whole universe is staring back at you. Breathing together, looking into each others eyes, building that connection together.

When it feels like the right moment I will start to undress you, slowly, with a sense of ritual. Acknowledging the Buddha inside you and honouring you in the most beautiful undressing rituals. And if you feel called, you can also offer this to me also.

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Tantric Lover

Gently caressing and stroking your body. Exploring the parts of your body that make you gasp and shudder with excitement as I gaze into your eyes to witness your pleasure. Welcoming all aspects of your physical, emotional, sexual and spiritual self I will gently caress your body. It maybe that you feel some arousal at this point, relax, let your body respond how it would like to. Let is be free.

We'll then start to activate your ecstatic energy through a Tantric process called the “streaming process”, but not to worry about the techniques as I will guide you through. Its a process where we start to wake your energy up to the idea of ecstasy. This involves some massage, some listening to your body vibrations and using Tantric techniques to amplify these. This can sometimes feel like sexual energy pulsing through the whole of your body and give you some very new experiences and sensations.

Then a special bonding 'lying together' ritual where you just listen to the ecstasy that has been awoken in our bodies. You can have very profound experiences here, in those moments of silence I have experienced some amazing sensations through my body and also through my connection to spirituality.

After a short break we'll return to the eye gazing, sitting in a sacred position opposite each other, I will start to offer you gentle massage strokes. Caressing, nurturing and loving your body all the while looking into your eyes. This can feel highly intimate, erotic and a very special unique moment.

Next I'll blindfold you, and welcome you the senses part of the ritual. Through touch, sound, and taste I will take you on a mystical journey of your senses. A sound bath, gongs, rattles, pings will resonate through your body. Leaving you feeling open and curious about the next parts. I'll offer you some different food stuffs. Some things you will never have tasted before and things you'll remember from your childhood. Awake adding to a state of wonder, and a state of nurturing. I will also offer your body different sensations of touch. Some maybe more intense and others more gentle. All of this is designed to awaken and arouse you. To bring you into a state of wonderment, a state of curiosity.

Then I will offer you an erotic massage to integrate your sexual energy as a celebration of our time together. I'll use body to body techniques to arouse and set your erotic energy on fire. Its likely (but not necessary) that your sexual energy will aroused to a point of experiencing orgasms and possibility ejaculation. All of which is celebrated as I take you, through a foundation of love to the peak of your sexual energy.

As we bring the ritual to a close I will infuse your energy body with channelled universal love. A hot steamy shower awaits you to begin the process of re-integrating yourself with the outside world.

Others that have experienced this ritual feel deeply moved, deeply touched and having a feeling of being alive 

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