Chakra Orgasm Ritual 

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Chakra Tantric Ritual Experience

2 Hr - £180 - Bristol - A 50% deposit secures your appointment via PayPal or Bank Transfer. 

The Chakra's are an ancient map of our human energy systems. They map the pathway from our sexual energy, through our human bodies and connect to the spiritual and esoteric realms. 

This 2 hour Tantric Ritual combines your sexual and spiritual energies together weaved through the Chakra System. You have the opportunity to experience 7 different variations of Orgasmic Energy and to be loved and nurtured in a very special and beautiful way.

Key Highlights: -

  • Ecstatic Chakra Breathing Meditation
  • Chakra Nurturing Ritual to Honour You
  • Erotic Chakra Massage – Experience 7 Types of Orgasm

Established in Tibetan Buddhism their understanding has evolved and changed over the centuries. There are as many books as there are different understandings of the Chakra's and my approach is about simplicity. There are 7 Chakra's each one has a different meaning and a different energetic vibration.

Establishing a relationship with this ancient energy system will enable you to have a wider perception of energy, and its vibrations and therefore give you a wider experience of you sexual energy, orgasm. You can then carry that understanding into every day life which will give you a wider and more joyful perspective on life.

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Once you have learnt about the Chakra's, the system can be great for problem solving or knowing how to go forward in different aspects of your life.

Chakra Massage with Jason

In this Tantric Ritual we start with a briefing about the different Chakra's, their qualities and their different aspects enabling you to integrate your your understanding into your day to day life.

We'll then start a process called Chakra Breathing. We'll start this opposite each other, and then together. We'll awaken very gently your sexual energy to combine with the breathing process. The intention in this part is to find the energy vibration, like finding the right note on a piano. It is amazing how just in allowing and listening to your body and the sensations that are invoked, how easy it is and the messages that your body in relation to the chakra system can tell you.

After this we'll do a Chakra Nurturing Ritual. Ritual is a word that implies doing something with a sacred intention. Our ritual is about honouring your Chakra's and offering you a different way to experience them and yourself. The ritual includes honouring your base chakra through your feet, your sacral chakra through sensual touch, your heart centre through loving connection and your spiritual centre through a 1,000 kisses to your body to acknowledge each of the 1,000 petals of this centre.

Next, I will then offer you a Chakra Massage process. Using breath, sound and movement, and stimulating your sexual energy, you will have the opportunity to experience 7 different types, different vibrations of orgasm. Each orgasmic sensation different from the others and getting lighter and more ecstatic the higher we go up the chakra pathway.

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Its likely at the crown centre that you might experience an ejaculation (although not necessarily) and at the time where sex and spirit are connected in unison. Powerful, erotic, sexual, yet spiritual it can often feel like you have made love with the universe in a cosmic connection.

This is a great Tantric Ritual if you are looking to experience something different and want a profound and moving experience that is both nurturing and yet energetic. It will leave you with a very felt experience of the Chakra system and give you a tool kit to take away to integrate into the different decisions that you need to make in your life. Book Now

This is a brilliant experience if your wanting something more than a massage experience and you want to satisfy a deeper curiosity about Tantra and its different aspects.

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