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Sex - Silence - Mystery

  • Start: June 2024, Saturday 15, 1pm
  • Finish: June 2024, Friday 21, 3pm
  • Residential: 8am to 10.30pm each day
  • Location:  Upstate New York, USA
  • Price: $3,158 (Tuition:$1,990, Food:$519, Accommodation:$649 – Instalments Available (9% Fee)


A most profound and ecstatic life-changing journey of Neo-Tantra

Unlock the power within you and embark on a PROFOUND & TRANSFORMATIVE spiritual journey with our Tantra4GayMen hosted by Jason & Ingo. As you delve into the depths of the void, you will discover that spirituality is not confined to mere answers or truths, but a profound exploration of self. With our guidance, you will learn to embrace your body and embody your spirituality, allowing it to take root and flourish. Harness the incredible potential of your sexual energy, one of the most potent essences within you, and witness the incredible growth and knowledge that awaits. Begin your path to enlightenment today.

Main Aspects of the Retreat

A 7 day Tantra Retreat Programme exploring the Diploma theme “Sex – Silence – Mystery” curated by Jason and Ingo.

You retreat days are full, immersive and deeply enriching to enable your deep and lasting personal and spiritual growth and development.

Each day starts at 8am and finishes around 10.30pm with 3x 1hr30min meal breaks. 

Your retreat days include: –    

  • Embodied, Profound & Life altering Tantric Practices & Techniques Sessions. 
  • “Filled with Amazement & Wonder”, Heart Touching & Healing Tantric Rituals.   
  • Deep Personal Introspection and Discovery during group Spiritual Enquiry sessions. 
  • Active Tantric Meditations each day at 8am. 
  • Tasty, Homely, Nourishing and Comforting Vegetarian Breakfast, Lunch & DInner (always with Dessert).

How the Diploma can impact you?

  • Experience a comprehensive and immersive training in Neo-Tantra, covering spiritual and highly sexual aspects, as well as inward reflection and ecstatic practices.
  • Have new beautiful and like minded friends who are passionate about men-loving men through Tantra.
  • Embark on a unique journey of personal transformation that has the power to change your life permanently.
  • Our teachings are practical and experiential, allowing you to directly engage with the material and create incredible experiences.
  • Benefit from our tried and tested method, developed over 20 years of experience in various spiritual disciplines.
  • Learn to integrate and ground your newfound knowledge into your daily life, ensuring that your learnings have a lasting impact


Your days are filled with practical exercises, rituals, and many forms of group work form its basis, brought to you in a highly exciting, profound, interesting and sometimes challenging programme. We use techniques such as bodywork, meditation, massage, breathwork, energy work, sexual techniques, and much much more. This is complemented by daily therapy-style “Spiritual Enquiry” talking sessions as in psychotherapeutic techniques for personal development to bring to you a method that we have developed and perfected in our work with thousands of men.

Our days start with Morning Meditation at 8am, where we teach you various meditation techniques to help you experience deeper Tantric states. Afterward, we provide a healthy breakfast to fuel you for the day. Following breakfast, we offer a Tantric Lecture that explores the themes of the Diploma week, aiming to enhance your understanding and provoke thoughtful reflection. After a coffee break, we have a Spiritual Enquiry Session, providing you with the opportunity to reflect on your Tantra sessions and receive guidance on personal growth. Lunch is followed by quiet time for personal reflection and relaxation in nature.

In the afternoon, we have our first Tantra Training Session, which includes hands-on Tantra exercises, Tantric massages, meditations, group processes, spiritual practice, and integration work. We then enjoy a leisurely dinner together, transitioning from the productive work of the day to a more relaxed and celebratory atmosphere.

After dinner, we engage in Evening Tantra Rituals, using the techniques and insights learned throughout the day. These rituals are both nurturing and ecstatic, serving as true celebrations of Tantra and self-discovery. The rituals typically end around 10.30pm, after which you have free time to relax under the stars, soak in the hot tub or sauna, gather around the fire, or engage in any other activities that interest you.

Our Diploma Retreats are available for all self-identified men who love men who are interested in their bodies, their sexual energy, their energy  for deep and profound personal development and spiritual growth. Ideally you have already embarked on your personal development or spiritual journey. That maybe in previous therapy or counselling, or you may have attended other Tantra or personal development based events. You’ll need to have a sense of adventure, to “give things a try”, and an open mind to explore and interact with the group members within your consent boundaries. You’ll need an ability to talk about your experiences and a willingness to explore their meaning to you and be open to learning and discovery 

Participants come to our training with a plethora of different motivations. Some come to enhance their sex lives, some for the thrill and adventure of trying something ‘far out’, some come for spiritual experiences, some to discover an alternative to the mainstream gay world, and some because they have an issue, discontent, or unhappiness – concrete or less concrete – in their lives. Tantra works on many levels, and you can use it for many different things. Whatever your motivation is: It is important that you come here from a place of true willingness to work on yourself: The more you put in, the more you get out of it.

Men ome to Tantra looking for answers. How to have more fulfilling relationships? How to reconnect with oneself and others. Feeling held back from “living fully” but not fully knowing what that means or how to achieve that. Wanting a sense of adventure, or to change live from grey to technicolour. 

If you feel a yes to any of these questions then this could be the programme for you.

We are passionate and are committed to honouring the boundaries that you create that serve you best in our workshops and events. Depending on the event, we will spend varying amounts of time helping you determine and express your consent of the actions in which you are choosing to partake. In our events we talk about what “safe practice” means and we talk about your consent. We give you affirmation to confirm your understanding and we create exercises for you to practise feeling a “yes”, a “no”, or a “I don’t know”, and how to verbalise that. We help you discover how to negotiate with other participants in this process. As per our Ethics we are passionate about you only doing what you feel a “yes” to, and sometimes that yes may be a “challenging but its a yes”, and other times it may be a “hell yes”. We look at “I don’t know” and “No” and talk and practicing the sometimes uncomfortable place of saying “No”. Our aim is that you will ONLY ever do what is within “your garden of Yes”. We continually look at many practices, e.g. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent, and we look to continually develop our events and practices to ensure your safety and peace of mind. Click Here to read more about your Safety & Wellbeing.


The Tantra4GayMen Diploma consists of 4 modules of 7 days each:

Ecstasy & OrgasmHealing & Surrender | The Divinity of Bliss | Sex, Silence & Mystery

Each module is standalone, and you can start the Diploma with any of the four modules. Each module explores the Diploma’s core topics – Sex, Spirit, Personality, Love, and Ecstasy – from unique and very different perspectives.

Upon completion of the 4 modules, you will be awarded our Tantra4GayMen Diploma Certificate, which opens many more possibilities to go deeper with us and in your personal and professional life.

Ecstasy & Orgasm Module:

This module is designed to take your sex life to a whole new level by exploring the depths of orgasm and orgasmic states. We will delve into Tantric systems of deep arousal, techniques for inducing and navigating multi-orgasmic states, and processes aimed at experiencing even greater bliss and tantric ecstasy. Additionally, we will explore the chakra system as a pathway to profound states of consciousness. The teachings of Neo-Tantra will guide us in accessing the infinite possibilities that your body offers, helping you remove layers of conditioning that hold you back from experiencing profound states of love and bliss. Through specific meditations, rituals, and psychotherapeutic processes, this module aims to provide you with a new perspective on how to incorporate ecstasy and ecstatic experiences into your life.

Healing & Surrender:

This module combines two interconnected topics: Healing and Surrender. In the Healing portion, we will focus on integrating and healing the parts of yourself that are hindering your personal and spiritual growth. Through the use of powerful Tantric techniques such as Tantric massage and cathartic processes, we will create a safe space for you to explore and make changes in how you perceive yourself and how you want to live your life. The goal is to help you break free from limitations and reach your full potential. In the Surrender portion, we will delve deeper into the teachings of Tantra, specifically the concept of “deeply letting go.” By surrendering to the flow of existence, you can access states of profound ecstasy. The processes offered in this module are designed to facilitate deep transformation and allow you to release what holds you back, ultimately leading to a rebirth of yourself.

The Divinity of Bliss

The modern version of Tantra we teach is a non-religious practice rooted in Buddhist and Hindu traditions. It offers pathways to enlightenment by exploring different aspects of our being. Like other spiritual practices, Tantra aims to transcend our ego and merge with something greater, such as infinite bliss or pure consciousness. This week, we will focus on specific Tantric techniques and rituals that will enable you to experience incredible states of bliss and connection to consciousness and the cosmos. You will learn methods to connect with your higher self and tap into your infinite potential in ways you may not have imagined. This week is about raising your vibrations and embodying and experiencing bliss in your physical being. It will be a journey of surprise, growth, and exploration, as heaven and earth come together within you.

Sex Silence & Mystery

In the journey of spirituality, we have come to realize that true spirituality is not about finding concrete answers or truths, but rather about embracing the questions and continuously exploring and growing. I have learned that incorporating the body and our sexual energy is essential for our spirituality to take root and flourish in this world. In this module we invite you to delve into the theme of “Silence and Subtlety” and discover the profound energy nuances that lie within them. By expanding your spiritual path, you open yourself up to a deeper and more expansive journey of self-discovery and spiritual development. Embrace something new and different, such as the practice of Tantra, which can offer a refreshing and invigorating experience, leaving you more deeply connected to your spiritual practices.


Please email me, just click HERE – I typically reply within 72 hours so if you’ve not had a reply, please do check your SPAM box.

Venue & Travel

Upstate New York, USA

Easton Mountain is located in the Hudson Valley approximately 30 miles North of Albany, New York . It’s easy to get here and Click Here to read the venue’s travel instruction.

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