Diploma Re-union Weekend 2019
Sat 23 Nov-19, 11am to Late (10pm)
Sun 24 Nov-19, 10am to 5:30pm
London, (Stoke Newington), N16 9HP

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Diploma Re-union Weekend is our yearly Family Meeting, exclusively for our inner circle, i.e. Diploma Graduates and Students.
Diploma Re-union Weekend for us to celebrate our friendship and the path of transformation we have been travelling together, to keep the Tantric energy going between two Diploma modules and after graduation, and to socialise and come together again.
At the same time, Diploma Re-union Weekend is an event of advanced Tantra, our first step to create a closed, by-invitation-only community of those who we consider ready for these levels of Tantric practice.
This year (2019), Diploma Re-union Weekend combines three types of Tantra:
- Advanced and experimental - experience new and advanced Tantric processes - remember our incredible circle ritual last year?
- Relaxing, sensual and nurturing - get snuggly in the late autumn and recharge your batteries pre-Christmas
- Playful and connecting - plenty of time for Tantric play with incredible guys who are at your level!
 This weekend is non-residential.
Sat 23 Nov-19, 11am to Late (10pm) 
Sun 24 Nov-19, 10am to 5:30pm
London, (Stoke Newington), N16 9HP