What is the Diploma in Tantra?

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The Tantra4GayMen Diploma is a complete and comprehensive Certificate Training in Neo-Tantra, specifically designed for gay and bisexual men.

Are you passionate to enter a process of profound personal transformation?

Have you been longing to change your life into something more fulfilling and spiritual?

Do you want to enhance your sex life beyond anything you thought possible?

Would you really like to learn all of the secrets that the world of modern Tantra has to offer?

Then this diploma is for you.

Look at the following video to see what participants have to say.

The Tantra4GayMen Diploma is unique and the only training of its kind in many ways:

Specifically for gay and bisexual men
In a group of like-minded friends.
Complete and comprehensive
The one-stop training in all aspects of Neo-Tantra, from the more spiritual to the highly sexual, from the inward-looking and meditative to the highly ecstatic.
Focus on personal transformation
A unique journey that is designed to change your life once and forever.
Focus on direct experience
Our teaching is practical and experiential, taking you through processes that create incredible experiences for you.
A tried and tested method
We draw on 20 years of experience in many spiritual disciplines, in psychotherapy, and in personal development to bring to you a method that we have developed and perfected in our work with thousands of men.
Integration and grounding in daily life
We focus on processing what you learned, and to ground your learnings into your daily life.
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The Tantra4GayMen Diploma is practical, exciting and multifaceted

Practical exercises, rituals, and many forms of group work form its basis, brought to you in a highly exciting, profound, interesting and sometimes challenging programme. We use techniques such as bodywork, meditation, massage, breathwork, energy work, sexual techniques, and much much more. This is complemented by therapy-style talking sessions to process your experiences.

Topics at the core of the diploma:

Sex and how to live a fulfilled sexuality

Spirit and how to deeply connect spiritually

Personality and how to change yourself into something that serves you (and not others)

Love, friendship and meaningful relations - how to manifest these in your life

Ecstasy - how to truly become ecstatic

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