Welcome to our Diploma in Tantra

Here is Jason 's Live Broadcast on the theme of Energy & Orgasm and  the Diploma programme.

We experienced some sound issues during the broadcast, so here is the FB Live broadcast for the parts that are muted.

Walk the Path of Transformation With Men Who Love Men

3 Modules over 3 Years, 7 Days Each

2017 Date: Mon 26 June-17 to Sun 2 July-17

Module Theme: Ecstasy & Orgasm 

 Totnes, Devon, UK

£849 + Food/Accom (Installments Available)

Walk the Path of Transformation

Step into a Fulfilling Life

Enhance your Sexual, Spiritual, Social and Personal Capabilities in Mindblowing Ways

With Like-Minded Friends - Men Who Love Men

The Adventure of a Lifetime

The best personal development training you can give yourself

You live only once - when are you ready for this?

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Topics at the core of the diploma:

Sex and how to live a fulfilled sexuality

Spirit and how to get really spiritually connected

Personality and how to change yourself into something that serves you (and not others)

Love, friendship and meaningful relations - how to manifest these in your life

Ecstasy - how to truly become ecstatic

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