Welcome to our Diploma in Tantra

Join Jason for a Live Broadcast on the theme of Energy & Orgasm and about the Diploma programme on Wednesday, 3rd May 2017 at 7pm GMT

Walk the Path of Transformation With Men Who Love Men

3 Modules over 3 Years, 7 Days Each

2017 Date: Mon 26 June-17 to Sun 2 July-17

Module Theme: Ecstasy & Orgasm 

 Totnes, Devon, UK

£849 + Food/Accom (Installments Available)

Walk the Path of Transformation

Step into a Fulfilling Life

Enhance your Sexual, Spiritual, Social and Personal Capabilities in Mindblowing Ways

With Like-Minded Friends - Men Who Love Men

The Adventure of a Lifetime

The best personal development training you can give yourself

You live only once - when are you ready for this?

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Topics at the core of the diploma:

Sex and how to live a fulfilled sexuality

Spirit and how to get really spiritually connected

Personality and how to change yourself into something that serves you (and not others)

Love, friendship and meaningful relations - how to manifest these in your life

Ecstasy - how to truly become ecstatic

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