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Creating The Perfect Tantric Date

Video Transcript:

Hello, my name is Jason Tantra and today what I’m talking about is the perfect Tantric date. In today’s video I’m going to give you some ideas and some things to think about if you are wanting to create the perfect Tantric date. Now before I talk about that what I want to talk about is the way that we as men connect with each other. Often I hear that it’s really dissatisfying for people like if you’ve ever had sex with somebody and they can’t look at you and you’re like ‘where are you?’. Or if you ever have the experience where the person you’re with just comes and you’re like ‘did you just come? Did that just happen, what was going on there?’. And just feeling really deeply disconnected from somebody and it can kind of feel a bit lonely and a bit isolating and feel like you haven’t really been met and that’s not great, that just feels like not living and the experience of that can effect your self esteem – not good.

So today I’m talking about the perfect Tantric date. Some of the ideas that I’m going to give you you could do these with a long term partner, could be your husband, boyfriend, lover or it could be someone that you met 5 minutes ago – it doesn’t matter what situation you are in what I’m wanting to convey to you is the idea of setting up and creating something different from the normal type of sex or sexual experience that you have. I think the first thing that is worth considering is the intention of the connection that you’re going to have with somebody. So if you’re meeting someone online and you’re sort of ‘what are into, what do you want to do’ or you’re with a partner you kind of may find over a period of time that you’re having the same sex each time as you’ve always had and it feels very samey. So the idea of creating the perfect Tantric date is to give you some ideas to give you something different and something that’s more enjoyable and more satisfying to you. So for me when you’re talking about this date, you’re talking about meeting somebody it’s about getting some practical things together and setting the intention so for example if you’re in a long term relationship you could say right Thursday night this week is going to be date night and what i’d like to do is something really beautiful for you in the living room, so you’re already starting to set the intention for doing something different with a person.

Or the other thing you could do if you met someone 5 minutes ago is say listen I’ve watched this amazing video online, how about we do something a little bit different. Once you’ve got that that’s the intention and already starting to do something different and already has the potential to make something far more satisfying for you. So some preparations, some things to think about: it might be that you want to create an area in your room, whether that’s your bedroom, lounge or living room or dining room, but actually creating a space and Tantra is about spirituality so you could call it your spiritual space, it could also feel like a place of meditation, a place of sacredness, a place of love.

For me just creating that space, which might be a futon or a couple of duvets, what you’re looking to do is create something that is the size of a double bed that is soft that you can lie down in and that already starts to create your play space. And maybe look around the house, what have you got that can maybe bring the lighting down, so maybe you’ve got some candles or tea lights, you could light some of those around the room or some battery operated lights, something to actually dull the lighting down so already you’ve got a nice place, you’ve got nice lighting. Maybe have a think about some music in the background – there’s loads of relaxing music on youtube, maybe find something to set the mood and again have a look around. So you’ve got some nice subdued lighting, you’ve got a nice place set out and you’ve got some nice music. Then maybe also have a think about some other things – some massage oil, massage oil is really good and easy to find and it doesn’t have to be the most expensive, it can be anything like baby oil, I also use some forms of vegetable oils and you can also buy some essential oil to give it some smell – ylang ylang is really good.

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