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Channeling Spiritual Energy

Video Transcript:

So this time I’ve got an exercise for you; something for you to try out at home. In Tantra we work with sexual energy, we work with what I call the body energy and we work with white spiritual energy coming in from the universe and it’s this energy that I want to share and experiment and play with you today.

For me, the absolute union in Tantra where you truly meet yourself is a combination of your sexual energy, is a combination of it being totally embodied in all of your different bodies and also in alignment and in connection with the universal energy. The universal energy for me is a bit like electricity, it’s kind of all around us all the time and for me in my training it was always called spiritual healing energy and I know in reiki it’s going to be called reiki energy, for other people it’s going to be universal energy. For me what encapsulates all of that is this one energy that is beyond physical being that I can use my thoughts to channel this. The number one universal law its that energy follows thought, so if you think it’s happening, it’s actually happening.

So what I want you to do is just close your eyes and take in a nice deep breath into your belly…and just take another breath…and as you keep your eyes closed I want you to imagine looking out the top of your head, as if you have a roof or a velux window looking out into a starry, starry night. And as you’re looking into the starry night I want you to imagine that there’s one star that shines more brightly that the others. And as you bring your awareness to it I want you to visualise that as soon as you bring your mind to it it’s like shining on you like a stage spotlight and that you can feel this warmth, this heat, it feels like a creamy, golden, white energy – I can feel it now as I’m bringing my awareness to this. Now as I said, energy follows thought and energy follows breath

So I want you to imagine that you’re pulling this into your body and first of all, as you take in deep breath, I want you to imagine that you’re pulling it over your forehead and over the top of your head…over your ears, your eyes, your nose…over your mouth, down your neck and your throat…over the tops of your shoulders…down your chest, over your nipples…down your arms, your forearms, your hands…down your back and over your belly…over your cock and your buttocks and the tops of your legs…over your thighs and your ankles and your feet…and as you visualise yourself it’s like you can feel this white energy through your whole body. Just spend a moment visualising and drawing this white energy down through your whole body and notice how you feel in your body…as I’m doing this now, I feel lighter, I feel there’s a buzzing, i feel warmer and I feel love…I really feel love and I feel connected with myself and with my spiritual self as I talked about in my previous video.

One thing you can do is if you put your hands like this, you can start to visualise this energy moving between your two hands and you can kind of move them backwards and forwards a bit and feel this spiritual energy…you’ll either get a feeling of something tingly, or something warm, or like there’s something magnetic or solid between your hands. Just spend a moment bringing this white energy into your heart, then bringing it down your arms into your hands…almost like channelling this energy in between your hands. And as you’re doing that now, what I want you to do for today’s exercise, today’s meditation, is to practice channeling that through one hand and ever so slowly – I can really feel this in my body as I’m doing this – really feel yourself channelling this universal love energy into your body, channelling it up your arms, channelling it over your chest…take a good 15-20 minutes to do this as a meditation and you’ll just notice as you’re doing it you’ll get so many sensations in your body.

Sometimes some of you will feel absolutely nothing at all and that’s the rules of Tantra. One of the rules of Tantra is I’ll have half the room that feel absolutely everything and the other half that’ll feel nothing at all. And for me each time you do these Tantric practices, these Tantric meditations, they’ll be different each time so even if it didn’t work the first time you may go back on the second or third time you give it a go and you may notice something different. So I’m going to leave that with you, I’m going to leave you to try this for another 15 minutes of just channelling and radiating this energy. Leave some comments below to let me know how you get on – good luck and I’ll talk to you again soon. Bye bye.

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