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I have had a rather well-behaved and smooth life. My choices were often guided by others (close family or friends) or were taken based on what I thought was expected from me. I adopted more the cartesian way of thinking of my father. I have had four life-changing moments that really went straight to my heart. Each time it rather felt for me like a re-connection between my emotions, my heart, my spirit, my mind, and my brains. My first epiphany was when I realized, at 30, that I liked men. I was gay. My second revelation was to fall in love with the man who’s now my husband for 11 years now. It was really a strong reconnection with my emotions. My third one is mainly thanks to Tantra which helped me to find back my spirituality. My last revelation took place two years ago in Berlin during a conference. I felt that thirst I’d always had for helping the people. Once again, a euphoria; again an obviousness, a need to change profession to make sense to my purpose. So, I left the job of IT consultant to become a coach.


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The first Tantra workshop I did was with my husband as we thought it could increase our intimacy.
I was intrigued by the spiritual aspect of it but was still quite suspicious about anything related to spirituality. I was not that open with my sexuality and I thought Tantra could help me with that.
After this workshop, we decided to continue by doing a full week Tantra in Thailand where I really started to become more sensitive to touch and have some interesting spiritual experiences. I then decided to do the full diploma on my own as I felt it would help me grow further sexually, emotionally, and spiritually.
Tantra helped me so much on those different levels that I’ve decided to offer possibilities to gay and bi-men in Belgium to experience Tantra by facilitating Tantra workshops.


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• 3-hour Tantra workshops