Tantra is Love ....


Over the last 4 years I have written various articles about Tantra. Yesterday I started to write an article about why Tantra is necessary. It is very very necessary, I believe it with every fibre in my

For me the ultimate reason for Tantra is Love.

Our souls long to be loved, it seems to be our purpose to find love. Or, as I prefer to believe it, to be reminded that we are already Love. I feel that Tantra shows us or reminds us that we are Love, but in our society our heads take over and we forget. We forget that we are naturally ecstatic, orgasmic, juicy and loving beings. This might sound a bit crazy, but if we were not already Love then why would we want it so much. It’s an illusion though, for the very thing that we seek in others, is really part of ourselves. For me Tantra shows us and reminds us that we are Love. With the best Tantra Teachers, we create environments, rituals, where you are reminded that you are nothing more or less than beautiful ecstatic Love. I can’t wait for scientists to prove that the vibration of the universe is the same sound as the vibration of Love. It might sound mad, but, if we came from the universe, if our beings are made up all the stuff that the universe is made up of, then surely, the universe is made up of Love to?

Tantra invites us to transcend our judgements, our thoughts, our shame, our guilt. It transcends everything to remind us that we are Love. I often set those who attend my workshops the challenge, to “Be Love”. What does “Being Love” look like, how does it feel on a day to day basis, how does it change the interactions that we choose to have with different people.

When we surrender, or sink into, or rise up to our heart centres, to a vibration of Love it feels just like coming home.  It feels like the very place our souls call home. We can spend so long looking, searching, researching, yet I wonder if part of our role as humans is to remember consciously that we are Love.

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