My Experience of the Introduction to Tantra Weekend by John


I set off on Saturday morning from the frozen wastes of the north courtesy of Mr Branson’s West Coast Main line for my weekend Introduction to Tantra  Workshop with a mixture of apprehension and fear as to what I had signed up for. Would I fit in ? Would I be able to cope? Oh well I can always come back early if I wanted.

I found the venue very easily … where I found one or two other standing nervously outside.  We went in, shoes were removed and to be hugged by Jason. Tea and coffee and biscuits were served and after a few minutes we all sat around in a circle on the floor and introductions were made. We expressed our reasons for attending the workshop.

My reasons were around looking for a more positive way forward in life following years of negativity and cynicism in my day to day job that was beginning to take its toll on my life.

Did the weekend meet my expectations? In many ways it exceeded my expectations , I was not certain what to expect but my expectations were well exceeded. I was bowled over by the sense of warmth, intimacy and love that emerged from the participants over the 2 days.

The venue worked well, the white room allowed concentration and complete focus on the course and the participants. The heating was more than adequate to allow us to work naked despite the high winds outside and the food was excellent.

As to the workshop itself, some of the exercises produced some interesting personal results, I managed to connect with the majority of the participants with one or two exceptions, a reflection of my judgmental attitude or negativity, something for me to work on.

The staring into eyes produced a certain coldness, a reflection of my state of mind and outlook at the time. Once again, something for me to reflect upon.

The breathing exercises and the working through the chakras was surprising and produced some very warm and wonderful sensations, something I did not expect and as we finished a most wonderful serene feeling of calm descended over me.

The undressing ritual and commenting on our bodies was very moving, and revealed much about my negativity or lack of positive outlook about myself and my body, another point to reflect upon. The intimacy of the exercise and the giving and receiving involved was truly wonderful.

As we moved through the two days of exercises and reflections, my apprehension faded away and my outlook became much more positive as my mood lifted. The combination of working through exercises and then practicing them on our partners worked extremely well. The giving and receiving in equal amounts was wonderful.

The final exercise of giving and receiving and the demonstration of love in the form of massage was truly amazing and will stay with me for a long time to come. The warmth intimacy and love that was shared did much to restore my faith in my fellow humans and hopefully set me on my way to a more positive and fulfilling way forward.

In summary Jason a truly amazing weekend. I found your passion for Tantra to be truly infectious and you created a very warm and loving environment for the course and your facilitation was excellent. I left the workshop on a blissful high which still continues and will be planning the next stage on my Tantric journey.

Many thanks, John 

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