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blog-in-article-consciousness.pngThis is a transcript of a Live Chat session I offered around consciousness.....

Me:  Firstly, Welcome to Tantra Club Online

Me:  each month I select a topic

bobbycaliente has joined the chatroom

Me:  Hey Bobby

Me:  So this month I wanted to pick a bit more of an obscure topic around consciousness

Me:  and its relationship to Tantra

chrede:  :)

Me:  You see, tantra can often be mistaken for Sex, Sex and Sex with a bit of energy thrown in at the end

Me:  That's excellent, Boddy

Me:  Whereas Tantra, in its neo (new) and original form is a pathway to reaching what the budhist teaching call enlightenment

Me:  You see Tantra, can all so often be confused for being a sexual practise

Me:  but what we seek to do in our tantric practices is to reach more blissful heights

Me:  more ecstasy

Me:  in fact so much ecstasy it feels like you are out of control

Me:  then when you are out of control, you can then experince profound states of being

Me:  Being, being the operative word here

Me:  A state of being

bobbycaliente:  thats the part i love best

Me:  can any of you feel that as I talk about that#?

bobbycaliente:  i can right now

Ernests:  yes and now

Me:  Excellent!

Me:  You often hear us say in Tantra

Me:  Breath, Sound and Movement, these are the 3 keys to ecstasy

Me:  I always say you only have sex if your going to scream the house down

Me:  In our society, in our sex we have been programmed to believe that making noise is wrong

Me:  But what Tantra offers is a pathway to Freedom

Me:  A total Freedom

Me:  So often, I often get the feeling that people are not always free

Me:  they !have to" go to work

Me:  they have t, have to, have to

Me:  and in the end they spend a life having to

Me:  rather than choosing to

Me:  does that make sense?

chrede:  so true

Ernests:  yes

Me:  Freedom, how do we experience it?

Me:  So this is why I wanted to bring in this topic called consciousness

Me:  in that how can we increase our conscious experience of life

Me:  so that we are conscious that we are consciousness itself

bobbycaliente:  i totaly agree while i was being massaged i had several orgasems and wanted to sound out load but felt i couldnt

Me:  and therefore in being consciousness itself

Me:  then this is a pathway to being enlightened

Me:  Next time Bobby, you can scream, the room down

Me:  welcome to Freedom

Me:  In Tantra the reason why it is

Me:  has so many psychotherapeutic elements, is because we are trying to help show people the pathway to freedom

Me:  but whats so often stops us

Me:  is ourselves

Me:  our own beleifs and our judgements in our selves

Me:  what we critisise in ourselves

Me:  and therefore in others

Me:  this is the blocks to true freedom

Me:  what do you think?

Ernests:  sounds ok. usual question - how to unblock yourself

Me:  Well thats the easy one

Me:  it can be a life times work

Me:  or can be something that can be instant

Me:  who knows?

Me:  Well then there is that same ole battle, our friend Ego

Me:  it is believed that our ego stops us from being the enlightened being thats we want to be

Me:  for example

Me:  in psychodynamic theory, Freud had a lot to answer for

Ernests:  issue is - there never should be battle with ego

Me:  when we judge someone else, we are judging ourselves

Me:  when we are judgin ourselves we are moving ourselves away from our enlightened selves

Me:  we move closer to the darkness and therefore back into Shame, Guilt and Judgement

Me:  I agree with you Ernests

Me:  for me, the thing I love about Tantra is that it keeps inviting us to surrender

Me:  to keep letting go

Ernests:  agree

Me:  Do you remember your first workshop, tell me about it, I have an example for you

Ernests:  don't remember. but what i know about surrender is - you must remove your importance on any aspect.

Me:  Christer, Bobby

Ernests:  or significance

Me:  do you remember feeling frightened?

Me:  Scared

Me:  when we did stuff

Me:  when i asked you to do stuff

Me:  like take your clothes off

Ernests:  know, i do remember

Me:  ell me more

bobbycaliente:  i know you say that not actualy cumming dos not matter ,but i have been using this stop and start stop and star again for quite a while now i find it is actualy realy difficult to actualy cum now ,wich i find slightly frustrating

Me:  tell me more

Me:  tell me more about your first workshop

Me:  i really want to understand the fears that you had to begin with

bobbycaliente:  i am finding that i need to be playing with my backside to make me actualy cum can you tell why this is

Me:  Hi Bobby, not sure I can because I don't think we have met and so it is difficult to know why this happens for you

Me:  What I want to share is that fear that you experience

Me:  That fear, is probably not a fear now

Me:  right?

Me:  it is not so frightening to take your clothes off

Me:  but if you look at the society we are in,

Me:  fear is something that we often choose not to do

bobbycaliente:  for me it is not being able to stay erect long enogh

Me:  we don't often experience fear

Me:  so therefore what can happen is that we stay stuck

Me:  and life melds back into not being able to tell the difference of the days

Me:  when you look at life how much of it would you say you are really living and ho much is existing?

Ernests:  99.99....% exist

Ernests:  ok, m\ybe not

Me:  but i bet that the existing is higher than the living?

bobbycaliente:  i agree

chrede:  me too

Me:  This is the pathway of tantra, it helps you to move that dial from existing to living

Me:  to feeling alive in every moment

Me:  and this is the relationship to consciousness

Me:  When we ask ourselves what is the purpose of life?

Me:  For me, in my teachings, it is to experience

Me:  thats all

Me:  not to learn, but that our cells, our beings just want to experience

Me:  and that if we experience, then we can really know oursleves

Me:  and also know what we are not

Me:  and make choices

Me:  and live

chrede:  sounds easy and very nice

Me:  before i continue, i want to make this transcript available to everyone ont he website, are you all ok with that?

Me:  very easy hmm hmm

Me:  a lifetimes work for me

Me:  hehehehe

Me:  or maybe many lifetimes work?

chrede:  I bet

bobbycaliente:  its ok with me

Me:  Thanks Bobby

Me:  When we have Sex

Me:  we are at our most natural

Me:  our natural selves

Me:  we can't filter

Me:  we can't filter who we are

Me:  our sexual energy is the most natural state of being that we have

Ernests:  not really, but during sex logic mind looses it's battle so we loosing our significance (internal and external) therefore soul can express itself more freely

Me:  Thats right Ernests

Me:  so moral of the story is to have more sex

Me:  :-)

Me:  hehehehehe

Me:  more sex

Me:  more out of control

Me:  more surrender

Me:  this is the pathway to enlightenment

Me:  have you ever had that sex where afterwards you feel so deeply at peace with yourself?

Me:  yes, no?

Me:  stunned bu silence, hehehehe

Ernests:  sort of

chrede:  once or twice.. don't remember

bobbycaliente:  while i was at the tantra taster evening i only managed to have around 10 mins of actual massage i know now i would realy love to have longer and maybe 1 2 1 massage .or am i just being greedy

Ernests:  most of time it's not because of sex itself but being in balance, conscious of myself in first place

Ernests:  then sex is just an additional tool of energy exchange with other

Me:  Thast right, thats how I experience it to Ernests

Me:  So ok, we have just 8 minutes left

Me:  did you have any questions that I can answer for you

Me:  I felt Bobby you had some questions?

bobbycaliente:  yes i have several but i am not sure if i be asking them here in the chat site ?

Me:  Ok

Ernests:  no, don't have Qs. not sure about transcript of this chat - rather what you wanted to say, your statements, explanations and perspectives

Me:  well, maybe you can email them to me, or you can choose to book sometime with me on a 121 and we can keep that confidential between us

Me:  How have you found this evenings topic/

chrede:  it was good yyet I would like to try practice it

Me:  Kewl, well there are many ways that we can do that

Me:  ok, going to sign off shortly

Me:  thanks for this evenigns chat

Me:  see you next time in tantra club online

bobbycaliente:  yes asi told buzzy i want try everything at least once

Ernests:  thanks for a chat.

chrede:  Thanks

bobbycaliente:  thanks for the invite xx

Me:  zats ok, chat next time, love Jason xxx

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