Awaken Your Ecstatic Potential: What Is Tantra

Video Transcript:

hello there one of the very common questions I get is what exactly is Tantra and what I'm going to try and do in this video is to give you a very complete answer so if you have a Google type the word Tantra so much stuff comes up um and it can mean anything from an erotic rubdown and a wank all the way through to sitting in silent meditation with the buddhist buddhist lamas and everything else in between and it's like trying to make sense of exactly what is Tantra it's a bit crazy so this video is to try and help explain exactly what is Tantra now if you look at the original Tibetian Buddhists you'll actually see in their temples that they have different images and different like placards of characters that actually resonate with the chakras that I teach that we teach in Tantra today so the original Tantra has its roots in buddhism and hinduism and is a pathway to enlightenment or self-realization if you look at the Buddhist religion it's all about reaching for a better word or being in a state of enlightenment Yoga is another pathway to enlightenment and there are many other like Tibetan Buddhist meditation there are many many different Buddhist and Hindu practices that take you to this state called enlightenment and Tantra is one of those now in the 1970s for me one of the father modern-day Tantra was called Osho and if you ever want to look at a controversial figure Google Osho look at his ashram and for me the ashrams that you had were full of scandal full of terrible things that should never happen in an ashram but equally he's an absolutely fascinating person and the ashrams and and and all of the films and the books about the time in the 70s and 80s both in India and the U.S. were a fascinating topic about how an ashram or community can go wrong but move all of that to one side if you actually look at Osho's teachings and you look at the the different practices that he left us with so different about tantric practices different meditations and I feel that what Osho really started to create he was like the father of what we call neo-Tantra new Tantra that's here since the 1980s onwards if you look at some of his disciples so for example Margot Anand Margot Anand she wrote the book The Art of Sexual Ecstasy she also wrote The Art of Sexual Magic The Art of Everyday Ecstasy and for me what Osho did was he started to separate the religious parts of Tantra away from the practices and and the philosophy so if you ever read any of Osho's books he's full of many different types of tantric philosophy or what I would call new age new Tantra philosophy for us living in in the days today if we were to actually look at Tantra as a as it was in its original practice we'd actually struggle to understand it we wouldn't really understand the texts and they wouldn't really have any meaning and it would to be honest just look like a whole range of what I call gobbledygook but for me if I look at different Tantra out there for exampleoften so full of thoughts so full of judgments so full of life that actually to sit down and be quiet would be a very very difficult thing for us and so what he created was active meditations that actually got us moving got the body moving got us doing things and the going into periods of silence afterwards and in the decade that I've been teaching what I found is people having that experience of something almost chaotic and then going into a period of silence has actually >enabled them to have a much deeper and >much profounder sense of silence so for me that's one aspect of what's making up Tantra in its modern-day practice the other thing I talked about was tantric rituals now there for me you'll hear people talking in Tantra about ecstasy you'll hear them talking about bliss and you'll talk about them having very profound experiences now a ritual for me is nothing really magical it's just about bringing your attention so as you've got your attention watching this film hopefully okay as you've got your attention here what I talk about a ritual is about bringing your attention to specific things so it might be that if you've stood in front of another person in a sacred ritual that actually as you're looking into their eyes as you've got your attention with that person that in itself because the intention is the connection between you that in itself is already starting to create a sense of ritual and then whilst in Tantra we get you to do beautiful things maybe it's a massage maybe it's stroking maybe it's something more intimate something more sexual to be honest for me in some ways whilst those are all very very beautiful things they're actually not that important because actually for me what's more important than all of those is the fact that you're in a state of attention and therefore a new attention is the same as being conscious is the same as being aware so if you ever hear anybody using the term attention or consciousness or awareness for me it's about bringing your attention to a specific point or to a specific experience or to something specifically